Emerging Low Energy Air Conditioning Technologies Seminar

The Barbara Hardy Institute held a seminar on 13 August at the Mawson Lakes Campus with guest speaker Jonathan Woolley, Associate Engineer at the Western Cooling Efficiency Centre, University of California Davis, USA.

The Western Cooling Efficiency Centre is a university research organization committed to accelerating the development and commercialization of high efficiency solutions for heating, cooling and energy distribution.

In the seminar, Jonathan spoke to UniSA staff and students about the current state of climate appropriate cooling solutions for commercial buildings. He discussed the the latest research on a range of technologies, reviewed the performance characterization of various systems and explored some of the challenges with integration and management of these new solutions. In particular, he discussed how mechanical system design, integration and control strategies must evolve in order to apply these solutions most effectively. 

His presentation draws from dozens of monitored pilot installations and laboratory tests of hybrid rooftop packaged air conditioners that incorporate indirect evaporative cooling with high efficiency vapour compression systems. Jonathan's research has broadened the technical understanding of climate appropriate cooling technologies and lays a foundation for practical design guidelines and standards that can support broader application of these energy efficiency measures.

You can download Jonathan’s presentation on our Zero Energy Housing research page.

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