ARC funding success in latest Linkage Project and Research Hubs rounds

The School of Engineering is pleased to announce their researchers have been involved in ARC funding success within the latest rounds for Linkage Projects and Research Hubs.

A/Prof Jun Ma and his team from Graphlex Technology Pty Ltd (Mr Craig Stevenson) and the Beijing University of Chemical Technology (Prof. Liqun Zhang) were awarded $230k in funding for their ARC Linkage Project 'Electrically Conductive Elastomeric Composites by Nanomaterials'.

This project aims to develop electrically conductive, mechanically robust, cost-effective elastomeric composites, by exploring new processing methods and studying the synergy between graphene sheets and multi-walled carbon nanotubes. Composites will be design, research and manufactured to suit the fabrication of rolling-resistance sensors that detect early-stage malfunctioning idler rolls. This technology could prevent the breakage of conveyor belts which are essential to the mining, processing and transportation of loose bulk materials; and improve the design and manufacturing of flexible sensors.

Professor David Lancaster, Founding Director of the Laser Physics and Photonics Devices Laboratory, is part of a collaborative UniSA research team working with the lead institution, the University of Technology Sydney upon the 'ARC Research Hub for End-user Analysis at Low Levels'.

This Research Hub received $3.7M  in ARC funding and aims to create diagnostic and drug testing technologies that will make Australian biotechnology, diagnostics, veterinary, agribusiness and manufacturing firms globally competitive. The Research Hub will apply the latest developments in nanotechnology, photonics and molecular biology into the next generation of point-of-care detection and diagnostic devices that will enable patients to be tested out of hospital. UniSA lead investigator on this project is Prof. Emily Hilder of the Future Industries Institute, along with fellow colleagues Dr Beatriz Prieto-Simon, and Dr Craig Priest.

Congratulations to all involved in these successful outcomes!

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