Our Staff

Search below to find our School Leadership Team, along with our Discipline Leaders and Program Directors.  

Contact details, qualifications, teaching interests and specialisations of our Academic Team can be found in the Staff Directory.

If you are unable to locate an academic staff member please contact the School for assistance.

School Leadership Team



Professor Duncan Campbell

Head of School

A/Professor Kutluyil Dogancay   

Associate Head: Research

A/Professor Bruce Wedding

Associate Head: Teaching and Learning

Mr Steve McInnes

School Manager

A/Professor Kutluyil Dogancay  

Electrical Engineering Discipline Leader

Dr Romeo Marian

Mechanical Engineering Discipline Leader

Kate Quigley

Aviation Discipline Leader


Program Directors

Dr Yee Wei Law

LBIF/LHIF – Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical

LHEG – Bachelor of Engineering – Mechatronic

Dr Zorica Nedic

OBIF - Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) - offshore

Dr Arek Dadej

LMEL – Master of Engineering - Electrical Power

Dr Russell Brinkworth

LMEB -  Master of Engineering – Autonomous Systems



Dr Ke Xing

LHMR - Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) Honours

LBMR - Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical and Advanced Manufacturing)

Dr Sang-Heon Lee

LMEB - Master of Engineering – Engineering Management

LMENO - Master of Engineering Management - OUA

OBMR - Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) - offshore

OMTM - Master of Engineering Management - offshore

Dr Yousef Amer

LMSUO - Masters of Logistics and Supply Chain Management  - OUA

Dr Steve Lieb

LBAN - Bachelor of Aviation (Management)

LBCV - Bachelor of Aviation

Dr Doug Drury

LGAV - Graduate Diploma in Aviation

Professional Staff

Steve McInnes - School Manager

Angela Brazenall- Team Leader: Academic Services

Patrick O'Sullivan - Team Leader:Technical

Danielle Richardson - Personal Assistant to the Head of School

Academic Services Team

Tina Christopoulos

Kerry Ferguson

Dale Perin 

Paul White

Amy Albanese

Maria Chuang

Elizabeth Csavas

Elena Del Moral Martinez 

Emma Rogers

Administrative Assistants

Tammy Lennox

Jasmina Ustovic

Steven Huskinson - Technical

Technical Staff

Peter Bain

Phil Dixon

Anthony Duffy

Angelo Pietrobon

Daniel Pincher