About Us

Welcome to the School of Engineering

Welcome to the School of Engineering at the University of South Australia

The School offers a range of professional programs that prepare graduates for rewarding careers in mechanical, mechatronic, civil and electrical engineering.

With more than 80 staff members and over 2000 students, the School offers a wide choice of programs and courses in a supportive, encouraging environment. From our world-class teaching facilities at the Mawson Lakes campus we engage in leading-edge teaching, research training and fundamental applied research. You will learn from our highly acclaimed academic staff and have access to experiential teaching and learning facilities located at City East and Mawson Lakes, including the Mechatronics laboratory, Experience 1 Studio and the new Materials and Minerals Science Learning and Research Hub.

The School has a long standing commitment to outcomes based research which it conducts through the Barbara Hardy InstituteDefence and Systems Institute, Agricultural Machinery Research and Design Centre and the Laser Physics and Photonics Devices Laboratory. They bring together internationally recognised research concentrations in sustainability, energy and resource saving techniques, scientific and technological innovation for Australian manufacturing and the generation, processing, transfer, conversion and control of energy and information. DASI has become Australia’s largest provider of research, consultancy, and education in systems engineering and complex systems and has well established relationships with a number of major national and international agencies in academia, government and industry. DASI conduct a range of research projects in both ‘hard’ (technologies, products, infrastructure) and ‘soft’ (human, organisational, process) systems, which are sponsored by the Australian Research Council (ARC), government departments, and industry.

At UniSA, we incorporate strong theoretical teaching and experience-based learning to produce graduates who are prepared to meet the challenges of modern enterprise. Our commitment to quality teaching and learning has also received national recognition with a citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning awarded by the Commonwealth Government’s Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) in 2014.

Come and study, research or collaborate with us.

Professor Duncan Campbell
Head of School