Researcher Name About
Associate Professor David Bruce

Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Natural and Built Environments.

Associate Professor Bruce specialises in radar remote sensing and high spatial resolution visible and near infrared satellite imaging as well as positioning from GNSS (GPS).

Dr Russell Brinkworth

Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering.

Dr Brinkworth’s current research interests include modelling biological motion processing for applications in surveillance and robotics.

Dr George Chen

Research Fellow, School of Engineering.

Dr Chen’s research interests include sensing, empowered by specialty fibers and functional coatings and has played a critical role in establishing the Laser Physics and Photonic Devices Laboratories since joining the University of South Australia.

Professor Chris Chow

Professor Chris Chow

Professor of Water Science and Engineering, School of Natural and Built Environments.

Professor Chow has lead research projects relating to major water treatment and distribution systems. He is also working on data visualisation and data analytics to improve treatment plant performance using online monitoring systems projects.

Professor Jeff Connor

Image of Professor Jeff Connor

Professor in Water Economics, School of Commerce.

Professor Connor specialises in quantitative economic, environmental and social integrated systems modelling often working closely with governments at local, state, national and international levels to provide economic policy advice based on rigorous economics.

Professor Lin Crase

Head of School: School of Commerce.

Professor Crase’s research has focused on applied economics in the context of water. He is also involved in projects dealing with the value of environmental water entitlements, use of environmental water reserves in the Murray-Darling and analysis of the efficacy of alternative drought and flood policies.

Professor Kutluyil Dogancay

Associate Head:  Research and Innovation, School of Engineering.

Professor Dogancay's research interests span defence and telecommunications applications of statistical and adaptive signal processing. He also serves as a consultant to defence and private industry in signal processing, communications and simulation related projects.

Associate Professor Jill Dorrian

Associate Professor:  Psychology, School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy.

Associate Professor Dorrian’s primary research experience is in human sleep, biological rhythms and performance. She also studies alcohol consumption, dependence and abuse.

Professor John Fielke

Professor, School of Engineering.

Professor Fielke has had 31 years’ experience in the research and design of agricultural machinery, specialising in the area of seeding and tillage machinery plus working in the area of product processing for the grains and dried fruits industries.

Professor Anthony Finn

Professor, School of Engineering.

Professor Finn’s current research interests are in the application and integration of Autonomous and Unmanned Systems. He also has a wide range of technical expertise in other fields including: remote sensing; radio wave and acoustic propagation; atmospheric modelling; tracking, target motion analysis and geolocation; geodetic surveying; satellite navigation; electronic warfare (EW); communications; spacecraft design and environmental test; hardware-in-the-loop (HITL) simulation; systems engineering; and, systems of systems integration.

Dr Jing Gao

Senior Lecturer, School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences.

Dr Jing Gao is an Associate Professor of Learning Technologies in the Teaching Innovation Unit at the University of South Australia and holds academic qualifications in Business Management, Computer Science and a PhD in Information Systems. He is an active researcher in the area of Information Management and an IT solution consultant for many large organisations in Australia. He has developed many commercial software solutions for both public and private organisations such as SA Water, Royal Australian Navy, AGL and Macquarie Generation. Some of his work has been implemented as policy directives in government organizations such as NSW Health. He has also led the development team in implementing many learning technologies such as TKiEE, Ontask, Oval systems.

Dr Guna Hewa

Senior Lecturer, School of Natural and Built Environments.

Dr Hewa joined UniSA in 2003 and since then she has been involved in the education of both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the area of water engineering.

Dr Yee Wei Law

Program Director, School of Engineering.

Dr Yee Wei Law’s research interests cover a broad spectrum, ranging from networked virtual environments (1999-2001), digital rights management (2001-2003), wireless sensor networks (2001-now), smart grids (2012-now), privacy-preserving data mining (2013-now), control (now), and computer vision (now).

Dr Ivan Lee

Senior Lecturer, School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences.

Dr Lee’s research interests include multimedia, sensor systems, and data analytics. 

Professor Jiuyong Li

Associate Head of Research Education, School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences.

Professor Jiuyong Li received his PhD degree in computer science from Griffith University in Australia. He is currently a professor at University of South Australia. His main research interests are in data mining, privacy preservation and bioinformatics. His research has been supported by Australian Research Council Discovery grants multiple times. He has published more than eight papers, mostly in leading journals and conferences in the areas. He has chaired Australasian Data Mining Conference and Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.  

Dr Jixue Liu

Senior Lecturer, School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences.

Dr Liu got his PhD in computer science from the University of South Australia. He is a senior lecturer in the University of South Australia. His research interests include integrity constraint discovery, data analytics in texts and timeseries, entity linking, algorithmic discrimination detection, privacy in data publication. He has done work in XML functional dependencies and query translation, trust management on the internet, integration and transformation of data, and view maintenance. He has published widely in database and data mining areas.

Dr Xing Ma

Senior Lecturer, School of Natural and Built Environments.

Dr Ma has been involved in teaching and research in civil engineering for more than 10 years. His research works at the University of South Aust4ralia were focused on composite structures and transmission tower structures.

Dr Li Meng

Image of Dr Li Meng

Research Fellow, School of Natural and Built Environments.

Dr Li Meng is a Research Fellow in transport, logistics and Supply Chain Management. In 2018, Li has worked as a full time research fellow on shared mobility, economic dynamic models and forestry supressed resource management and bicycle modelling studies.

Dr Baden Myers

Dr Baden Myers

Research Fellow, School of Natural and Built Environments.

Dr Myers’ current research interests include stormwater harvesting, urban hydrology, stormwater drainage and water sensitive urban design (WSUD). He also has a keen interest in other research fields, particularly those which may affect urban hydrology such as urban development and climate change.

Dr Stefan Peters

Lecturer: Surveying and Geographic Information Systems, School of Natural and Built Environments.

With more than 15 years of working experiences in the field of Geomatics and Geoinformatics, and a specialization in geospatial data analysis and geovisualization, Dr Peters had been active in various geospatial projects related to agriculture, forestry, archeology, geology, atmospheric and climate studies, land cover, land use, cadaster, and city modeling.

Associate Professor Md. Mizanur Rahman

Associate Professor in Geotechnical Engineering, School of Natural and Built Environments.

Associate Professor Rahman has a strong track record of translating his fundamental theoretical research into industry-funded engineering applications for liquefaction assessment, pavement engineering, recycling materials for circular economy, soil reactivity and buried lifeline

Associate Professor Rameez Rameezdeen

Associate Head:Programs, School of Natural and Built Environments.


Dr Courtney Regan

Image of Dr Courtney Regan

Research Fellow, School of Commerce.

Dr Regan is an agricultural scientist and economist and is currently a post-doctoral research fellow in the School of Commerce. After seeing first-hand the challenges posed to traditional farming systems during the Millennium Drought, Dr Regan’s research is centred on land use, sustainability and building a financially viable future for farmers.

Ms Morgan Schebella

Lecturer, School of Natural and Built Environments.

Morgan Schebella is a research associate in the School of Natural and Built Environments. Her research primarily focuses on the human dimensions of natural resource management, including issues such as the relationship between nature and human wellbeing, mitigating human-wildlife conflicts, and understanding the barriers to pro-environmental behaviour change.

Dr Christine Stone

Dr Christine Stone

Dr Christine Stone is the Leader of the Forest Science team within NSW Department of Primary Industries and is a Senior Principal Research Scientist. She is a national authority on the application of remote sensing technologies for assessing forests and plantations and has published over 100 peer reviewed papers and reports. In 2017, Dr Stone was awarded the Institute of Foresters of Australia’s N.W. Medal, their highest service honour for her commitment and contribution to forestry industry R&D in the areas of remote sensing and forest health.

Associate Professor Delene Weber

Associate Professor Delene Weber

Associate Professor, School of Natural and Built Environments.

Delene is a social scientist who focuses on the human dimensions of environmental management. In addition to teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students, Delene enjoys an active research role at UniSA.  Her research includes work on the benefits we derive from green space and how we can engage the wider community in more sustainable practices.

Dr Haolan Xu

Foundation Fellow (Senior Research Fellow), Future Industries Institute.

Dr Xu studied at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Science, obtaining his PhD in Materials Chemistry and Physics in 2008. His research focus included: Study of Crystal Growth Mechanism of Nanomaterials; Synthesis and Study of Photocatalysts for Pollutants Degradation and H2 Harvest; Study of the Relationship between the Crystal Facets and Their Corresponding Catalytic Activity. Other research topics have included Surface Modification for Functional Colloid Particles; Oil-water Interface Physical Chemistry.

Professor Yan Zhuge

Professor in Structural Engineering, School of Natural and Built Environments.

Professor Zhuge’s main research interests include green construction and building materials, sustainable concrete materials, permeable concrete, fibre composite structures, and seismic retrofitting of masonry structures.

Dr Jim O’Hehir

Dr Jim O'Hehir

General Manager: Forestry Research Mount Gambier, Information Technology Engineering and the Environment Divisional Office.

Dr O’Hehir’s special interest area is in plantation growth and yield management, including long term sustainability, growth, yield, modelling and plantation water use. He has facilitated a number of national research projects and worked on the development of various modelling projects for predicting pine thinning and fertiliser growth and yield responses.