Funded by the National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (NIFPI)
  • Solutions for the optimal use of remotely acquired, high resolution data by the forestry sector
  • Future Proofing SA Bluegum Plantations through early detection and improved management processes related to wildlife
  • Optimising the management of plantation, water and environmental assets, and
  • Wearable sensors for improving occupational health and safety of workers in the forestry industry
  • Options for Operating Efficiently and Sustainably within Forest Water Licence Rules
  • Characterising softwood sawn products in Australia
  • Development and implementation of forest health and biosecurity systems and protocols based on quantitative pest risk and economic impact assessment
  • Scoping an Automated Forest Fire Detection and Suppression Framework for the Green Triangle
Funded by ForestrySA and UniSA
  • Forest yield predictions from multi-temporal LiDAR
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle-based monitoring of forest stands in South Australia
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle mounted four sensors scan of Tumut NSW radiata pine trial sites to provide data for fusion
  • Low cost remote sensing data for improving forest management
  • Trial of UniSA developed moisture meter for woodchip testing
  • Evaluating the performance of the Mount Burr tower multi-camera fire detection system
  • Feasibility of a new FRP/Cold-formed steel – timber composite structural product
  • Tree Water Use measurement using a distributed humidity sensor
  • Sawdust as a site decontaminant


Areas of study and research

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