Funding Grants Support

Support for funding applications is available to all researchers within the ITEE Division applying to any scheme.  The primary aim of the Divisional support is to increase success by improving the quality of applications.  The Divisional efforts complement and align with requirements of the central Research and Innovation Services team (RIS). It is highly recommended that researchers commence applications significantly ahead of the closing date deadline. 

The Grant Developer within the Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment is Dr Carly Rosewarne. Dr Rosewarne sits on the Division Research Management Committee (DRMC) with extensive experience in optimising grant applications and achieving success rates above national averages.  Even if you do not need her direct support (strategic advice, revision, editing, feedback) she can connect you with other researchers who have track records in particular schemes.

*Irrespective of whether you want to receive support, please contact Dr Carly Rosewarne as this helps to raise awareness of activities and influence initiatives that the Division provides.*

National Health and Medical Council (NHRMC) Schemes

Carly Rosewarne is here to support you during NHRMC grant applications, however due to the relatively low volume of applications to these schemes within ITEE, the Division of Health Sciences help us to support our researchers by allowing them to engage in their divisional process.  We recommend that if you wish to apply, contact Dr Rosewarne and she will help you get in touch with the Division of Health Sciences.

Australian Research Council (ARC) Schemes

For the larger volume Australian Research Council (ARC) Schemes we have a more formalised support process that includes panel reviews and expert reviews available to all applicants.  Support is voluntary but it has shown that engagement notably increases the chances of success.  The table below outlines the ITEE Divisional process by which we support a researcher.

For these larger schemes please note it is sensible to start 5 months in advance.  Starting later may exclude you from certain elements of this process but the door is always open.

Level of application
Months pre-deadline
Decision Point

Notification of Intent

Email from lead applicant confirming intention only



Christopher Saint, Emily Hilder,
Carly Rosewarne


Follow up

30-60 mins meeting with Grant Developer to establish key details.  Grant Developer reports to ITEE/FII management and application

None beforehand but outcome would be: Draft of project description, plus confirmation of collaborators, budget and ability to summarise application.


Carly Rosewarne

Proceed: Y/N

Advice on

1) strategic improvements

2) structural improvements

3) scope of work

4) alternative schemes

First Review

Panel Review

2 reviewers: 1 general reviewer and 1 technical reviewer

Complete draft application, effectively ready for RMS submission


Carly Rosewarne, Christopher Saint, Emily Hilder,
Tanya Monro and key researchers specific to scheme (technical reviews may be provided to general reviewer)

Dedicated Grant Developer support: Y/N

a) Key improvements necessary for success

b) Advice on alternative schemes

Second Review

Remote Review

1 general reviewer and 2 discipline experts

Updated complete application


Key researchers specific to scheme and discipline

a) Has previous advice been followed and

b) Ready to submit?

Submission to RIS

Compliance Review

'Final' complete application


RIS Staff

Details for correction prior to submission