UniSA Cancer Research Featured on Channel 9 News

Spomenka Simovic

UniSA researcher Dr Spomenka Simovic's research on advanced new generation tablets to enable cancer therapy to be completed orally was featured on Channel 9 news.

Dr Simovic’s research is looking into developing tablets for early cancer diagnosis and tablets for cancer therapy that will enable diagnosis and treatment to take place at home rather than in a hospital. The tablets will thus benefit patients through painless and cost-effective early cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Current cancer diagnostic methods are not sensitive enough and are invasive. The most common imaging technology currently used, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cannot detect entities smaller than a few centimetres, thus limiting early detection and is also invasive. Biopsies, another common diagnostic  method, is also invasive as a tissue sample is collected with a needle.

Further, treatment with anticancer drugs needs to be administered intravenously in hospital, causing further pain and suffering to patients and causes burdens to hospitals as it requires patients to remain in hospital over several months.

Therefore, effective, accurate and non-invasive methods of early cancer detection and treatment are urgently needed, which Dr Simovic research is addressing.

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