Silica water filter research

Silica Water Filter Research

ScopeTV featured research by PhD Scholar Behnam Akhavan of the School of Engineering and Mawson Institute, on water filters that remove crude oil from fresh and sea water in seconds. The episode was aired on 17 October 2013 on Channel TEN.

Behnam’s research focuses on developing an innovative method known as plasma polymerisation to create silica particles that behave like magnets that are capable of removing over 99.9% of crude oil when sprinkled into contaminated fresh and sea water.

Water pollution has become a serious environmental issue and oil is a major contaminant of drinking reservoirs and industrial waste water. This new technology will enable scientists to turn low-cost materials into high-value water treatment materials that can be easily stored and transported, thus bringing great benefit to rural and remote communities.

The research was funded by the National Centre of Excellence in Desalination Australia (NCEDA) and supervised by Professor Peter Majewski and Associate Supervisor Dr Karyn Jarvis.

Update: Behnam's research was also featured in ResearchEdge "Engineering pure water". Behnam has also won best oral and poster presentation awards at the School of Engineering Research Day.  He was nominated by the School to give a talk entitled  “Hydrophobic plasma polymer coated silica particles for petroleum hydrocarbon removal” and present a poster at the  ITEE Division Research Day held on 23 September 2013.  He was successful in winning the best oral presentation and the best poster award for year three of Higher Research Degree candidature.

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