Robert Llewelyn meets TREV


In January 2013, RiAus brought Robert Llewelyn, host of Fully Charged, to Mawson Lakes to feature our two-seater renewable energy vehicle (TREV) on a episode of the show. Fully Charged is an online technology show that looks into how we consume energy, renewable energy, electric cars and how technology will shape the future. 

The episode features Robert Llewellyn, who is known for other shows such as Red Dwarf, Scrapheap Challenge and Carpool, speaking with project leader, Peter Pudney, and going on a drive around the Mawson Lakes campus.

TREV is a solar car that was designed and built to run on entirely non-polluting, renewable energy. The prototype car was designed and built by staff and students at the University of South Australia in a collaboration of various schools and research institutes.

The episode also featured the Zero Race expedition in which TREV went around the world competing with 40 other sustainable electric vehicles. The race started in Geneva and continued over 30,000km across 16 countries.

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