ITEE Research Day 2013

ITEE Research Day 2013

The annual ITEE Research Day event was held on Thursday 19th September 2013 at the Mawson Lakes Campus with 170 staff, students and VIP’s attending across the morning. Dr Peter Shoubridge, Research Leader Assured Communications (Cyber & Electronic Warfare Division), Defence Science and Technology Organisation, delivered his keynote speech about his research experiences and his contribution and commitment to further research in Cyber & Electronic Warfare.  The program also consisted of 22 Higher Degree Research students delivering five minute presentations and 21 poster displays. 

The award for best poster was presented to:  

  • Behnam Akhavan Tabatabae (School of Engineering) - ‘Plasma Polymer Depositions of Functionalized Films on Granular Particles for Water Purification’
  • Ala (Jordan) Aburumman (School of Information Technology & Mathematical Sciences) -  ‘Voice over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks’
  • Abdullah Azfar – (School of Information Technology & Mathematical Sciences) ‘Lawful Interception and Analysis of Mobile Voice over IP (mVoIP) Communications’

The prize for best 5MT presentation was presented to:

  • Yinyue Qui, Ivy  – 1st year (Institute of Telecommunications Research) ‘Energy-efficient Wireless Communications for Implantable Medical Devices’
  • Paul Joyce – 2nd year (Ian Wark Institute) ‘Can fatty foods be used to develop smarter medicines’
  • Behnam Akhavan Tabatabae – 3rd year ‘Plasma Polymer Coated Silica Particles: Oil Magnets for Water Purification’

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