Associate Professor David Cropley involved in the Life Series

Life at 9Creativity may seem to be abstract, but it has in fact been measured for decades. Associate Professor David Cropley, a leader in the field of innovation and creativity, will be appearing in the latest instalment of The Life Series in Life at 9. Professor Cropley, who is an Associate Professor at The University of South Australia, takes the children through a series of creative exercises in the Life Lab and the results are astounding.

The Life Series returns on Tuesday July 29 with two compelling new episodes as eight Australian children negotiate life in the rapidly changing world of late childhood, in the crucial few years before adolescence begins. The Life kids are part of a scientific and social experiment and have been filmed since their first year of life – the public face of a pioneering study of 10,000 Australian children.

Professor David Cropley is scheduled to appear in Life at 9 on ABC 1 - Independence, Tuesday 29 July at 8.30pm and Creativity, Tuesday 5 August at 8.30pm.

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