Radio Frequency (RF) immunity testing

The Australain Flow Management Group are able to performance test products to RF immunity requirements.

Specification and capability

  • Testing based on IEC 61000-4-20 "Testing and measurement techniques - Emissions and immunity testing in transverse electromagnetic (TEM) waveguides"  
  • Dimension LxWxH: 6.0 x 3.0 x 2.5m 
  • Maximum EUT size : 0.80 x 0.80m x 2.0m 
  • 10MHz to 1GHz Power Amp 33 V/m @ 80% AM or 90V/m CW 
  • 0.8GHz to 3.1GHz Power Amp 28 V/m @ 80% AM or 75V/m CW 
  • 2.5Gz to 6.0GHz Power Amp 12 V/m @ 80% AM or 30V/m CW 
  • Programmable frequency and stress level exposure
  • Automatic switching between power amps providing 10MHz to 6GHz range

Further information

For a quotation or further information on RF immunity testing please email Chris Preece.