Australian Flow Management Group

The Australian Flow Management Group (AFMG) services specialised testing needs of the water industry.  It advances irrigation and engineering hydraulics technology through fundamental and applied research.

The facility consists of a range of unique infrastructure suited to the testing and research of water-related equipment and technology. In 2011 the AFMG facility gained internationally-recognised NATA accreditation in the field of metrology and mechanical testing.  Details of our NATA approved testing can be viewed by visting the NATA website.  In 2012 the facility was appointed by the Commonwealth’s National Measurement Institute as an Approving and Verification Authority for water meters in accordance with pattern approval requirements NMI M 10 and NMI R 49.

As an internationally accredited facility we are in a unique position to engage with the water industry and to support and produce high quality research outputs.  

AFMG can test a wide range of products including flow meters, smart meters, pipes, pipe fittings,valves, emitters, drippers, timer taps, moisture sensors, drainage systems, EMC electrical equipment compliance, gross pollution traps, stormwater treatment, and other hydraulic components.

We house a number of state-of-the-art research and testing facilities including:

■ Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing
■ Radio Frequency (RF) immunity testing
■ Full-scale hydraulic testing (up to 510 L/s)
■ Physical hydraulic model studies
■ Irrigation equipment testing
■ Water meter testing and calibration
■ Valve type testing

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Postgraduate Students

Our students are working on a range of irrigated-related postgraduate projects. View their bios and research abstracts

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For more information about AFMG download our brochure here. 

  • Water meter testing and calibration

    Water meter testing and calibration

    As a NATA accreditated facility, we are an appointed Pattern Approval and Water Utility Verifying Authority.

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  • Securing water supplies

    Securing water supplies

    Find out how our premier research facility supports the NBERC's key research theme of securing water supplies.

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    Contact us

    Please get in touch with us at the AFMG if you have any questions or would like a quote for any of our testing facilities.

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