Our Adjunct Academic staff

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School of Natural and Built Environments

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Sharolyn Anderson

Adjunct Professor John Argue

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Tom Benn

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Professor Greg Brown

Adjunct Associate Professor David Bruce

Adjunct Associate Professor Steve Burroughs

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Don Cameron

Adjunct Reserach Professor Guanyi Chen

Adjunct Lecturer Meng Chong

Adjunct Associate Professor Ian Clark

Adjunct Associate Professor Colin Conor

Adjunct Professor Barry Cooper

Adjunct Associate Professor David Davey

Adjunct Senior Lecturer David Farwell

Adjunct Professor Alan Forghani

Adjunct Research Fellow Joan Gibbs

Adjunct Lecturer Rudolf Groeger

Adjunct Professor Ali Hassanli

Adjunct Professor Jim Jago

Adjunct Professor Patrick James

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow David Kemp

Adjunct Associate Professor Konstantinos Kirytopoulos

Adjunct Research Fellow Barbara Koth

Adjunct Professor Joerg Krampe

Adjunct Research Fellow Nick Langsford

Adjunct Reserach Fellow Wilson Lennard

Adjunct Research Fellow Rosmala Lewis

Adjunct Research Fellow Andrew Marshall

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Kevin Mills

Adjunct Associate Professor Paul Monis

Adjunct Professor Dennis Mulcahy

Adjunct Associate Professor David Ness

Adjunct Associate Professor Stephen Pullen

Adjunct Reserach Fellow Philip Roetman

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Russell Schumann

Adjunct Professor Derek Scrafton

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Mark Shelbourn

Adjunct Emeritus Professor Roger Smart

Ajunct Professor Paul Sutton

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Sandra Taylor

Adjunct Emeritus Professor Michael Taylor

Adjunct Research Fellow Brenton Trenorden

Adjunct Research Fellow Ben Van Den Akker

Adjunct Professor John van Leeuwen

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Christopher Walker

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Christopher Wright

Adjunct Associate Research Professor Tong Yindong

Adjunct Senior Lecturer Wen Long Yue

Areas of study and research

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