Online learning materials

These websites offer mathematics resources that you can use online.

Suremath : Online facility for solving equations, plotting graphs, simplifying expressions and performing many other algebraic functions. Online facility from University of Hawaii. Useful site, but access can be intermittent.

Webmath : Similar to Suremath, but with different features. Unusually, working out is shown. Includes online forms to convert units of length, temperature, etc, analyse ratios, simplify trigonometric expressions and much more.

E-Calculus : Electronic tutorial in calculus, available online or downloadable. Content looks quite good, but I am having some trouble accessing the material. Algebra lessons also available. From the University of Akron, USA.

Graphics for Complex Analysis : Animations used to teach concepts in complex analysis. From Douglas Arnold at Penn State University.

Graphics for the Calculus Classroom : A selection of animations and slides useful in the teaching of calculus, including secants and tangents, differentials and differences, bouncing balls, volume calculations and more. From Douglas Arnold at Penn State University.

DISCUS : Online materials related to statistics and probability. Requires Internet Explorer and Excel (on your machine or network). Close all Excel files before visiting this site and be aware that it contains macros, so you will be prompted to save it to disk.

Statistics Simulations : Rice University's online simulations of such concepts as mean and median, correlation coefficients and more. Includes simulations, an onliner hypertext book, case studies, exercises and an analysis lab.

Online Calculations : Do boxplots, use statistical tables, online testing, generation of random numbers or permutations.

Areas of study and research

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