Our staff

Search below to find the contact details, qualifications, teaching interests and specialisations of our academic staff. 

Our Research staff and PhD students at our research centres are listed on their respective websites: Advanced Computing Research Centre staff list, Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics staff list, and Phenomics and Bioinformatics Research Centre staff list.

If you are unable to locate an academic staff member please contact the School for assistance.

School Leadership Team

Prof Brenton Dansie

Head of School

A/Prof Nina Evans 

Associate Head: Teaching and Learning

A/Prof Stewart Von Itzstein

Associate Head: Academic Programs 

Prof Jiuyong Li 

Associate Head: Research

Prof Bruce Thomas

Director: Wearable Computer Lab

Prof Markus Stumptner 

Director: ACRC

Prof John Boland 

Director: CIAM

Prof Stan Miklavcic 

Director: PBRC

Mrs Catherine Jordan

School Manager

Miss Cristina Garcia

Team Leader


Program Directors

Dr Jorge Aarao

Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (Data Science)
Bachelor of Mathematics (Industrial and Applied Mathematics)
Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) (Industrial and Applied Mathematics) 

Dr Gaye Deegan

Graduate Certificate in Information Technology 
Graduate Diploma in Information Technololgy (Enterprise Management)
Master of Information Technology (Enterprise Management)

Dr Ben Martini

Master of Cyber Security

Dr Malgorzata Korolkiewicz

Master of Data Science
Graduate Diploma of Data Science
Graduate Certificate of Data Science 

Prof Jiuyong Li

Doctor of Philosophy

Dr Diane Velasquez

Master of Information Management (Library and Information Management)
Master of Information Management (Archives and Records Management)
Graduate Diploma in Information Management (Library and Information Management)
Graduate Diploma in Information Management (Archives and Records Management)
Graduate Certificate Information Management

A/Prof Stewart Von Itzstein

Bachelor of Information Technology (Games and Entertainment Design)  
Bachelor of InformationTechnology (Hons)

Dr Joanne Zucco

Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons) 
Bachelor of Information Technology (Mobile Application Development) 
Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Development)

Dr Grant Wigley

Bachelor of Information Technology (Generic)
Bachelor of Information Technology (Networking and Cybersecurity)
Associate Degree in Information Technology