UniSA Node Leader

Dr Peter Pudney
Senior Research Fellow
PhD University of South Australia

  • Research interests: Modelling, design and control of low-emission vehicles; modelling, design and control of electrical load management systems; renewable energy systems
  • Expertise: Mathematical modelling; applied control; scheduling

Principal Academic Supervisors

Both the IDTC Director, and UniSA Program Coordinator are available for principal supervision of IDTC projects, along with the following staff from UniSA's School of Mathematics and Statistics:

Professor John Boland
BMath (Hons), MMath University of Waterloo, Canada, PhD Adelaide

  • Research Interests: Renewable energy, electricity grid operation, electricity markets, water resource management, adaptation to climate change
  • Expertise: Time series, statistical modelling, decision making under uncertainty

Professor Stan Miklavcic
BSc (Hons) University of New South Wales, PhD Australian National University, Canberra

  • Research Interests: Physics, Chemistry and Biology: Paper Optics; Acoustics; Colloid and Surface Science (surface forces, electrokinetics, double layer theory, physics of macromolecules); Continuum Mechanics (fluid dynamics and solid mechanics); Dynamic and static stability problems; Signal Processing;
  • Expertise: Mathematical Modelling; Partial Differential Equations; Mathematical Methods (Asymptotic and Perturbation Techniques)

Dr Bronwyn Hajek
Research Fellow
BSc Adelaide, MEnvSc (Hons), PhD Wollongong

  • Research interests: Fluid dynamics, heat and mass transport, physical chemistry, biological modelling
  • Expertise: Theory and application of pdes, mathematical modelling

Dr Jinhai Cai
Senior Research Fellow
BSc, MSc Hangzhou University, PhD Melbourne

  • Research interests: Image processing, Computer vision, Bioinformatics, Plant Analysis, Artificial intelligence, Signal processing, and their applications in industries
  • Expertise: Theories and applications of computer vision, artificial intelligence, and statistical modelling

Dr Amie Albrecht
BInfTech (Hons), PhD University of South Australia

  • Research interests: Energy-efficient transport, Railway operations (including vehicle operations in underground mines), Applications of Operations Research
  • Expertise: Operations Research with emphasis on Discrete Optimisation; Optimal Control

A/Professor Anatoli Torokhti
PhD Inst of Mathematics, USSR Academy of Science, Kiev

  • Research interests: Signal processing, numerical methods and optimization
  • Expertise: Mathematical modelling,  statistical modelling, approximation theory, methods of solution of differential and integral equations, computational mathematics

Dr Julia Piantadosi
Research Fellow
BAppSc, BAppSc (Hons), PhD University of South Australia

  • Research interests: Mathematical modelling of water management systems, Stochastic rainfall modelling at various time scales, Stochastic analysis and modelling of multi-reservoir systems, Environment and Climate Change
  • Expertise: Stochastic modelling; environmental modelling; water resource management; Markov decision processes; matrix analytic methods; matrix reduction methods; stochastic dynamic programming; decomposition methods; stochastic rainfall modelling; joint probability distribution using multi-dimensional checkerboard copulas with maximum entropy; constrained optimization; Fenchel duality; conditional value-at-risk and optimal control.

A/Professor John van der Hoek
BSc (Hons), PhD University of Adelaide

  • Research interests: Financial Engineering and Actuarial Science. Applications of Stochastic Analysis in Free Boundary Value problems and Signal processing. Elicitation and aggregation of expert opinions. Statistical modelling and estimation.
  • Expertise: Partial Differential Equations, Free Boundary Value problems and Variational Inequalities, Optimal Control and Numerical Algorithms. Probability Theory, Stochastic processes, stochastic differential equations. Malliavin Calculus and White Noise Analysis. Hidden Markov Models. Signal processing. Financial Mathematics and Option Pricing, Real Options, Risk measures.  Dependence modelling with copulas. Kalman Filtering, Ensemble Kalman Filters. Statistical modelling and time series models.

Dr Lesley Ward
Senior Lecturer
BSc (Hons) Australian National University; MS, MPhil, and PhD Yale University

  • Research interests/expertise: Complex analysis, harmonic analysis, Internet search algorithms, industrial mathematics

Associate Supervisors

The following staff are available to take on associate supervision and other roles such as mentoring for IDTC(m) projects:

Dr Jorge Aarao
Bacharel em Matematica, Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, PhD Yale University

  • Research interests/expertise: Partial Differential Equations, in particular parabolic, elliptic, and mixed-type equations; existence and uniqueness, well-posedness, qualitative behaviour, singular perturbations, regularity. Probabilistic methods in Analysis.

Emeritus Professor David Lee
BSc (Hons), MSc Adelaide University

  • Research interests/expertise: Operations Research, mathematical modelling, optimal networks; optimization.       

Dr Kevin White
BSc (Hons) University of Adelaide, MMath University of Waterloo, PhD University of South Australia

  • Research interests: Operations research, in particular scheduling
  • Expertise: The theory, formulation, and solution of linear and integer programming problems.

Professor Vladimir Gaitsgory
MSc Leningrad Polytechnic Inst, PhD USSR Academy of Science, Moscow

  • Research interests/expertise: control, optimisation and game theories and their applications
  • Principal supervisor from July 2013 only

Dr Belinda Chiera
BAppSc, BAppSc (Hons), PhD University of South Australia

Areas of study and research

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