The Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith Fund Space in the Community Lecture Series

Thursday 17 January 2019 6pm

Astronaut & Human Spaceflight Panel

Guest Speaker: Mr Paolo Nespoli

Astronaut Panel: Mr Paolo Nespoli

Astronaut and Human Spaceflight Panel: Mr Paolo Nespoli.

The International Astronaut Event is a long-standing highlight in ISU sessions. Members of the general-public will have an opportunity to ask a broad range of questions of our invited astronaut and obtain their autograph. We are delighted to announce that Mr Paolo Nespoli will deliver a presentation on spaceflight and will provide an insight and opinion, with a particular emphasis on the human factors involved in spaceflight as humans gain more experience in long-duration missions in order to prepare for inter-planetary travel.

Paolo visited the International Space Station in 2007 as a member of the STS-120 crew and returned for six months from December 2010 to May 2011 with Expedition 26/27.  Paolo’s third flight to the Space Station was from July to December 2017 as part of a barter agreement between NASA and Italy’s ASI space agency.

The event will commence at 6pm in H2-16 – Allan Scott Auditorium, City West Campus followed by VIP refreshments from 7 – 8pm.

Supported by SA Italian Association & Com.It.Es.

Watch the panel here.


Wednesday 23 January 2019 7pm

Hazards of Human Space Exploration

Guest Speaker: Dr Gordon Cable

Hazards of Human Space Exploration Speakers

Hazards of Human Space Exploration: Dr Ady James, Dr Gordon Cable and Dr Omar Hatamleh

Plans for the exploration of deep space over the coming decades will see humans travel deeper into space and for longer periods than at any time in human history. A permanent presence in cis-lunar orbit, exploration of the lunar surface, and missions to the Mars system are all being planned. This new era of space exploration will expose humans to hazards not experienced since the Apollo program of the 1960s and 70s, but magnified by greater distance and much longer exposures. This presentation will use the paradigm of NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP) which prioritizes 5 hazards of human spaceflight to explore the ways that the deep space environment can affect human physiology and health, and the challenges that must be overcome for exploration missions to succeed.

The event will commence at 7pm in the Mawson Centre (MC1-02), UniSA Mawson Lakes Campus

Watch the event here.


Thursday 31 January 2019 7pm

Opportunities in Australia’s Space Industry

The Mawson Centre (MC1-02), UniSA Mawson Lakes Campus

Opportunities in Space Panel

Opportunities in Australia's Space Industry Panel: Michael Davis, Richard Price(Defence SA), Professor Andy Koronios (UniSA), Dr Megan Clark (Australian Space Agency), Peter Nikoloff (Nova Systems), Andrew Sysouphat (BAE Systems), Mark Ramsay (Sitael), Dr Ady James (UniSA), Dr Omar Hatamleh (ISU), Hannah Scherer (Northrop Grumman)

The global space sector is undergoing a significant evolution in technological development, knowledge dissemination and overall size.  Within Australia, the State holds an important position in the aerospace industry, particular with the recent announcement of a new Australian Space Agency to be located in Adelaide.
Our panel will discuss their roles in developing a sustainable space sector in South Australia including recent initiatives, what future opportunities there are and how we can build upon the wide range of space-related capability that currently exists.

The event will begin with a short presentation by Dr Megan Clark AC, Chief Executive of the Australian Space Agency.

Panel members:

  • Dr Megan Clark - Australian Space Agency
  • Professor Andy Koronios - UniSA
  • Hannah Jorgensen Scherer - Northrop Grumman
  • Mark Ramsey - Sitael Australia
  • Andrew Sysouphat - BAE Systems
  • Peter Nikoloff - Nova Systems
  • Richard Price - Defence SA
  • Councilor Graham Reynolds - City of Salisbury Council
  • Moderator - Michael Davis, Space Industry Association of Australia

Sponsored by the City of Salisbury

Watch the panel here.


Saturday 2 February 2019 4pm

Interstellar Program Alpha Centauri

Guest Speaker:  Dr Simon Peter "Pete" Worden

Interstellar Program Alpha Centauri Speakers

Interstellar Program Alpha Centauri: Dr Ady James, Dr Pete Worden, Dr Omar Hatamleh, Jamie Drew

Can we reach the stars?

No extraterrestrials have yet visited us – but neither have we stepped out onto the galactic stage. Are we destined to belong to Earth for as long as we survive? Or can we reach the stars?

Breakthrough Starshot is a $100 million research and engineering program aiming to lay the foundations for a flyby mission to Alpha Centauri, our nearest star system, within a generation. This is one of several privately-funded global initiatives to answer the fundamental science questions surrounding the origin, extent and nature of life in the universe. The Breakthrough Initiatives are managed by the Breakthrough Prize Foundation.

The event will commence at 4pm in H2-16 – Allan Scott Auditorium, City West Campus followed by VIP refreshments to be held in the Yungondi Building.

Watch the event here.


Other Events

Opening Ceremony

Monday 14th January

Celebrating the beginning of the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program for 2019. The Class of 2019 has participants from 11 countries – Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom and United States of America.

 SHSSP Class of 2019 Opening Ceremony

SHSSP Class of 2019, Premier Steven Marshall, Professor David Lloyd, Professor Tanya Monro, Professor Simon Beecham, Dr Omar Hatamleh, Dr Ady James, Mr Anthony Murfett

SHSSP Opening Ceremony Video: To view the video please click here.

Rocket Launch

Sunday 27th January

Each year SH-SSP participants work in teams to design and build a small rocket. These are then launched reaching up to 900 meters in altitude. The rockets carry a payload of various items including an egg, which must be returned intact. The rocket launch was held near Pinkerton Plains, South Australia.

Images from the event:

Image of a rocket being launched Image of participants watching a rocket being lauched Image of particpants enjoying the rocket launch event

Stratospheric Balloon Launch

Saturday 9th February

SH-SSP participants with the support of Amateur Radio Experimenters Group (AREG) launch a high-altitude balloon, which carried a payload designed to simulate a small satellite mission. Participants assist AREG to track the balloon and download the data in a way analogous to a small satellite. The balloon launch was held in Mt Barker, South Australia. Stratospheric images supplied by AREG.

Images from the event:

Balloon launch ceremony with Dr Ady James speaking and the ballon in the background. Aerial photo taken from the balloon as it was flying above South Australia. Stratospheric Aerial photo taken from the launced balloon.

Areas of study and research

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