Video Conferencing and Audio Visual (AV) Services for Visitors


Video Conferencing services and facilities are available across a range of locations including meeting rooms, project rooms and some lecture theatres. Also, our Computer on Wheels (CoW) mobile units provide the flexibility to conduct a video-conference from spaces without permanently installed VC equipment .

For further information about video conferencing venues and equipment at UniSA please click here, and for urgent assistance during a video-conference please contact the IT Help Desk.


Audio Visual (AV) equipment including projectors, microphones, flat panel displays and computers are permanently installed in many of our facilities.  A number of these facilities are available for hire such as meeting rooms, tutorial rooms, lecture theatres and project rooms.

We also have staff that can provide AV support for events held onsite, both within core business hours and after hours.

For further information about AV facilities, venues and support at UniSA please click here, and if you require urgent assistance please contact the IT Help Desk



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Wireless for Visitors

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