Academic expertise

The School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences is proud to count many internationally-recognised educators and researchers among its academic staff. All of the core academic team have extensive expertise in their respective fields, which range from the study of specific diseases and treatments to diet and nutrition, pharmacy practice, education, health care policy, and pharmaceutical science, drug development and commercialisation.

This page includes information on the academic expertise of some of our key staff members, including the school executive and program directors.

School Executive

Professor Jason White

Jason white [BSc (Hons), PhD] is the Head of the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences.

Jason teaches pharmacology, with particular reference to CNS drugs.

His research interests have focussed on the human pharmacology of drugs of dependence, principally opioids and stimulants. The two main aims of the research are to characterise the adverse effects of long term use of opioids and stimulant drugs on brain function and to improve current treatments for drug dependence and pain. More recently, he has been examining objective markers of population drug use.

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Associate Professor Tony Woods

Tony Woods [BA, BSc (Hons), PhD, MAIMS, FFSc(RCPA)] is the Associate Head: Academic of the School of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences with particular responsibility for teaching and learning.

After completing his PhD at the University of Western Australia, Tony joined the University of South Australia as a lecturer in histopathology.  He was formally appointed to the role of Program Director in 2003 but successfully managed the academic activities in various school programs for some years prior.  He is the recipient of an ALTC citation for excellence in curriculum development.  His research focusses on blood vessels and cancer which has led to an exploration of the formation and activity of snake venoms as potential anti-cancer agents.  Publications include cover articles in Nature and PNAS.  His depth and breadth of academic experience derives from his participation on virtually all senior university academic and research committees.  He was President of the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists from 2008–14 and has contributed to various high level organisational, school and departmental reviews, accreditations and academic program development nationally and internationally.

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Associate Professor Bob Milne

Bob Milne [BPharm, MSc, PhD] is the Associate Head: Research of the School of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences, as well as an Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Science. He is also the School's Research Degrees Coordinator. Bob manages the research administration for the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, coordinates student and scholarships applications, student progress reviews, and thesis submission. 

His research focuses on the fate of drugs and their metabolites in humans, animals and isolated perfused organs. Current drugs of interest include opiates, polymyxin antibiotics and perhexiline. He is a consultant to industry and government on the quality of drug products, and has conducted numerous clinical and pre-clinical studies for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. He is active in the Australasian Pharmaceutical Science Association, being on the executive until 2005 and organising its annual conferences.

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Program Directors

Dr Libby Hotham

Dr Libby Hotham [PhD, M.App.Sc, (Pharm)BPharm] is currently the Program Director for the Bachelor of Pharmacy.

Libby teaches in every year of the program and has a special focus on substance use.

Her research interests include substance use by pregnant women (currently aligned with the World Health Organisation (WHO) Centre at the University of Adelaide), harm minimization initiatives and complementary medicine provision within the community pharmacy sector, and the use of psychostimulants in children and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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Dr Brian Dale

Brian Dale [BAppSc, PhD, FAIMS] is the Program Director for Laboratory Medicine.

Brian teaches Haematology, Transfusion and Haemostasis.

He has extensive experience in diagnostic pathology and has worked in major haematology and transfusion laboratories in Perth Western Australia and overseas.

Brian’s research interests are mainly in the field of haemostasis. Areas of current research include platelet activation, fibrinolysis and developing improved tests for measuring haemostatic function. He also collaborates with researchers at McMaster University in Canada to investigate the haemostatic activity of new oral anticoagulant drugs.

He is a member of the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists SA/NT Branch committee and is an active member of the Australasian Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis.

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Dr Miguel de Barros Lopes

Dr Miguel de Barros Lopes [BSc, PhD] is Program Director for Nutrition and Food Science.

Miguel teaches microbiology, food biotechnology and medical sciences across several programs in the School.

Miguel's main research interest is using yeast as a model to study genetic factors linked to health and nutrition. Other areas of research performed with both national and international collaborators include the evolution of disease and food biotechnology and innovation.

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Dr Desmond B Williams

Dr Des Williams [PhD, BPharm, FRACI, CChem] is the Program Director of the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science and the Bachelor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Double Degree) in the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences. He teaches into the general areas of pharmaceutical sciences, applied therapeutics, pharmacology and industrial pharmacy.

He is a member of the Sansom Institute for Health Research with research interests in the pharmaceutical sciences, particularly drug delivery systems, colorectal cancer, peripheral vascular disease and pain. Collaborations continue with national and international colleagues, including researchers at CSIRO.

In addition to his teaching and research roles, Des also serves on the Pharmaceutical Subcommittee, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Canberra, and is a member of the Institutional Drug Subcommittee, Royal Adelaide Hospital. He is a past president of the SA branch of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

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Dr Giordana Cross

Dr Giordana Cross [BSc Hons Post Grad Dip Nut & Diet; Post Grad Dip Public Hlth;  PhD] is currently the Program Director for the Master of Dietetics. She teaches into the Master of Dietetics program, which commenced this year. The program aims to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills to continue with their professional development in what ever field of Dietetics they choose to work in. The Master of Dietetics provides thorough theoretical and practical skills on core topics to enable graduates to meet the formal requirements for entry to the profession, as determined by the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).

Giordana's research interests include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the role nutrition plays in this condition and the effectiveness of dietetic interventions on patient outcomes. Related to this is the problem of obesity; looking at different approaches to dealing with issues faced by obese people including those with COPD. Other areas of interest are malnutrition in people with COPD and cancer and women's health issues such as Premenstrual syndrome and nutrition.

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Stefan Kowalski

Stefan Kowalski [BPharm, M.App.Sc.(Pharm), CGP] is currently the Program Director for the post graduate Clinical Pharmacy programs and is also involved in teaching in the Bachelor of Pharmacy program.

He has extensive clinical pharmacy experience and has worked in hospitals in Adelaide, Canberra and Perth. His professional and research interests focus on clinical pharmacy education/ practice and geriatric pharmacotherapy.

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Associate Professor Sandra Orgeig

Assoc. Prof. Sandra Orgeig [BSc (Hons), PhD] is Program Director of the Bachelor of Medical Science.

Sandra teaches in Biology and Physiology courses across all programs within the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences.

Sandra is a respiratory physiologist with a particular interest in understanding the biology of the pulmonary surfactant system. Using a variety of approaches and technologies her research seeks to understand the evolutionary constraints and pressures that shaped the surfactant system, the functional and structural adaptations of the system under different physiological conditions and the impact of environmental perturbations (e.g. hypoxia, nutrient restriction) on the development and maturation of the surfactant system from an evolutionary and biomedical perspective.

She collaborates widely with national and international researchers and is actively involved in research management, policy, promotion and performance through involvement in a range of School, Division and University research and promotion committees.

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Areas of study and research

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