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Research candidates listing

PhD and Masters by Research Candidates

Provisional Candidates

Alison Barrett: The psychological, social and emotional impacts of being a living organ donor from rural Australia

Supervisors: Prof Ian Olver, Dr Kate Fennell

Laura Cooper: Evaluation of a physiotherapy led airway clearance program on hospital admission and reinfection rates

Supervisors: A/ Prof Marie Willimas, Dr Kylie Johnston

Kylie Dankiw: Understanding primary school aged childrens preferences for play spaces in the school yard

Supervisors: Dr Margarita Tsiros, Dr Saravana Kumar, Dr Katherine Baldock

Joshua Dawe:  Effects of child, family and system factors on child protection history and cost: evidence frm South Australian administrative data

Supervisors: Prof Leonie Segal, Dr Gloria Mejia Delgado

Christopher Innes-Wong: What are the benefits of robotic-assisted rehabilitation compared to conventional therapy: a randomised controllled clinical trial in children with acquired brain injury

Supervisors: A/ Prof Susan Hillier, Dr Sophie Lefmann, A/Prof Ray Russo

Simon Kirkegard: Explaining pain and behavioural exposure for back pain

Supervisors: Prof Lorimer Moseley, Dr Mark Catley, Dr Valeria Bellan

Paul Reid: Clonogenic Stem Cells in Head and Neck Cancer and Their Impact on Novel Treatment Approaches Based on Patient Stratification and Outcome Optimisation: Experimental and Modelling Investigation

Supervisors: Prof Eva Bezak, Prof Ian Olver, Prof Loredana Marcu, Dr Leyla Moghaddasi

Sarah Schwetlik: The association between allostatic load and osteoarthritis

Supervisors: Dr Katia Ferrar, Dr Katherine Baldock, Prof Catherine Hill

Samuel Tebeck: Heat acclimation: Application for elite athletes

Supervisors: Prof Jon Buckley, Dr Jamie Stantley

Continuing Candidates

Alvin Atlas:  Factors affecting patient's decision to undergo elective surgery

Supervisors: Dr Steve Milanese, Prof Karen Grimmer, Dr Sarah Barras

Jasvir Bahl: Biomechanical outcomes following different surgical approaches to total hip arthroplasty

Supervisors: Dr Dominic Thewlis, Dr John Arnold, Prof Mark Taylor, Prof Bogdon Solomon

Jason Bartram: Quantifying intermittent work capacity: optimisation modelling using endurance track cycling

Supervisors: Prof Kevin Norton, Dr Dominic Thewlis, Dr David Martin

Hunter Bennett: The training of movement quality and its role in guiding exercise prescription and influencing performance

Supervisors: Prof Kevin Norton, Dr Kade Davison, Dr John Arnold, Max Martin

Verity Booth: Databases of physical activity in Australian children: an audit, an online repository, and recommendations on survey instruments

Supervisors: Prof Tim Olds, Dr Grant Tomkinson, Dr Tasha Schranz, Prof David Lubans

Felicity Braithwaite: The magic of placebo: using the art of deception to simulate dry needling

Supervisors: Dr Maureen McEvoy, Dr Julie Walters, A/Prof Marie Williams

Roger Byard: Pathological investigations differentiating the casuses and characteristics of sudden accidental and inflicted early childhood deaths from sudden infant death syndrome

Supervisors:  Prof Robert Vink, Dr Sara Jones, A/Prof Declan Kennedy

Amal Chakraborty: Working with remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and Queensland to address the gap in community-level environmental indicators related to cardiometabolic disease

Supervisors: A/Prof Margaret Cargo, Prof Alex Brown, Prof Mark Daniel, Dr Natasha Howard

Jane Chalmers: Neuroimmune responses in provoked vestibulodynia

Supervisors: Prof Lorimer Moseley, Dr Susan Evans, Prof Mark Hutchinson

Russell Weili Chan: Evaluation of meditation benefits for perceptual-motor learning

Supervisors: Dr Maarten Immink,Prof Kurt Lushington, Prof Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky

Jill Congedi:  Epidemiology of Helicobacter pylori infection as detected by Urea Breath Test:  trends and factors associated with positivity and eradication rates in an Australian clinical population, 2000 - 2015

Supervisors: Dr Hanna Tervonen, A/Prof Craig Williams, Dr Katherine Baldock

Courtney Davis: The effects of an Ausatralianised traditional Mediterranean diet on cardiovascular health in a population of elderly Australian men and women

Supervisors: Dr Karen MurphyA/Prof Janet Bryan, A/ Prof Jonathan Hodgson

Sheena Davis: The Ergonomics of the Combat Helmet System (TECHS): Developing Task-Related Measures and Metrics for an Ergonomic Assessment Framework of Combat Helmets

Supervisors: Dr Steve MilaneseProf Karen Grimmer, Alistair Furnell

Thomas Debenedictis: Changes in the Physical Performance of Male Australian Defence Force Personnel in Response to Simulated Prolonged Land Transit

Supervisors: Dr Dominic ThewlisDr Grant TomkinsonDr Steve Milanese, Alistair Furnell, Dr Daniel Billing

Cameron Dickson: Pain and depression: exploring gene-environment interactions and the role of stress

Supervisors: Prof Elina Hypponen, Dr Ang Zhou

Caitlin Dowell: Maternal incarceration and child mortality in Western Australia: a longitudinal data linkage study

Supervisors: Prof Leonie Segal, Prof David Preen, Dr Gloria Mejia Delgado, Prof David Preen

Dorothea Dumuid: Social and environmental determinants of physical activity, screen time and weight status in children: the International Study of Childhood Obesity, Lifestyle and Environment (ISCOLE)

Supervisors: Prof Tim Olds, Dr Carol MaherDr Lucy Lewis, Dr Tyman Stanford

Sarah Edney: Investigating usability, efficacy and user engagement with "Active Team": an online social networking intervention to increase physical activity

Supervisors: A/Prof Carol Maher, Prof Tim Olds

Summer Finlay: Understanding the impact of the aboriginal community controlled health service national key performance indicators on improving health outcomes

Supervisors: Prof Alex Brown, A/Prof Marie Williams, Dr Jenni Judd

Stephanie Folley: Physical activity and cognitive function exploring gene environment interactions in the UK biobank

Supervisors: Prof Elina Hypponen, Dr Ang Zhou

Joel Garrett:  Internal and external monitoring of fitness and fatigue in elite Australian rules football

Supervisors: Prof Kevin Norton, Prof Roger Eston, Prof Nico Voelcker, Dr Darren Burgess

Anwar Gebremichael: Vitamin D, obesity and mental health: study on gene-environment interaction

Supervisors: Prof Elina Hypponen, Dr Ang Zhou

Priya George Martin: Factors that contribute to high quality clinical supervision in allied health: a mixed methods sequential explanatory study

Supervisors: Dr Saravana Kumar, Dr Lucylynn Lizarondo, Dr Katherine Baldock

Stuart Gollan: Physical and tactical analysis in football using a model to partition games into moments

Supervisors: Prof Kevin Norton, Prof Roger Eston, Dr Clint Bellenger, Greg King

Erika Gosney: Mapping the normal reaction to acute exercise in the Achilles and Patellar tendons using ultrasound in athletes

Supervisors: A/Prof Kerry Thoirs, Dr Steve Milanese, Dr Nayana Parange

Stuart Graham: Establishing the relationship between training load, recovery and performance in elite Australian football players

Supervisors: Prof Roger Eston, A/Prof Gaynor Parfitt

Grace Greenham: The interactive effects of training loads of elite athletes and biomarkers of overtraining, stress and fatigue

Supervisors: Prof Kevin Norton, Prof Roger Eston, Prof Nico Voelcker, Brett Burton

Micheal Hartland: The role of exercise modality on Quality of Life outcomes in Prostate Cancer survivors

Supervisors: Dr Kade Davison, Prof Jon BuckleyA/Prof Gaynor Parfitt, Dr Marcus Dreosti, Dr Joel Fuller

Olivia Hill: The transition from primary to secondary school and its relationship to musculoskeletal health

Supervisors: Dr Steve Milanese, Prof Karen Grimmer

Melissa Hull: Cultivating farmer health: Profiling health seeking behaviours in South Australia’s farmers

Supervisors: A/Prof James Dollman, Dr Ashleigh Smith, Dr Martin Jones, Dr Kate Fennell

Toby Hunt: Use of time in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Supervisors: Prof Tim Olds, A/Prof Marie Williams

Kate Kameniar: The Short Physical Performance Battery: psychometric properties and development of a resource to guide exercise prescription for older adults in residential aged care

Supervisors:  A/Prof Shylie Mackintosh, Dr Gisela Van Kessel, Dr Saravana Kumar, Tim Henwood

Emma Karran: GLITtER (green light imaging interpretation to enhance recovery): a novel, psycho-education intervention to reduce chronic pain

Supervisor: Prof Lorimer Moseley, A/Prof Susan Hillier, Dr James McAuley, Dr Yun-Hom Yau

Iordan Kostadinov: The contribution of an ecological approach to promoting healthy body weight in 4 year old children in a state wide community based obesity prevention program

Supervisors: A/Prof Margaret Cargo, Prof Mark Daniel

Peter Lekkas: Suburban matters: the infulence of change on residents health trajectories

Supervisors: Prof Mark Daniel, Dr Catherine Paquet

Hayley Lewthwaite: Optimising activity patterns for people with COPD: perspectives from experts and patients

Supervisors: A/Prof Marie Williams, Prof Tim Olds, Dr Tanja Effing

Lok Sze Katrina Li:  Intergenerational COPD (iCOPD): Respiratory impairment in offspring of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): potential for case finding and early intervention

Supervisors: A/Prof Marie Williams, Dr Kylie Johnston, Dr Catherine Paquet, Prof Peter Frith

Merilyn Lock:  A theory-driven, person-centred physical activity intervention in aged-care workers

Supervisors: A/Prof Gaynor Parfitt, Prof Roger Eston, A/Prof Jim Dollman, Cathy Horn

Sandra Lucas:  Exploring the factors that influence a parents decision to use complementary and alternative medicines and therapies for the management of acute respiratory tract infections in children

Supervisors:  Dr Saravana Kumar, Dr Anna Phillips, Dr Matthew Leach

Katharine McBride: Characterising cardiovascular disease biopsychosocial risk in Aboriginal women to inform health service and system responses

Supervisors: Prof Alex Brown, Dr Natasha Howard, Prof Stephen Nicholls

Lisa Matricciani: Sleep and the health of 10-12 year old children: an investigation of sleep as a multidimensional compostitional construct

Supervisors: Prof Tim Olds, Dr Catherine Paquet, Dr Francois Fraysse, Prof Melissa Wake

Stuart Millar: Fracture fragment migration following articular fracture of the knee

Supervisors: Dr Dominic Thewlis, Dr John Arnold, Dr Francois Fraysse, Prof Bogdon Solomon

Simon Mills: What is the relationship between severe mobility impairment and postural alignment for adults admitted to brain injury rehabilitation?

Supervisors: Dr Michelle McDonnell, Dr Shylie Mackintosh, Dr Dominic Thewlis

Gina Mincham: Development of a mechanistic dengue simulation model for Guangzhou, southern China

Supervisors: A/Prof Craig Williams, Dr Katherine Baldock

Braden Mitchell: Investigating the use of perceived exertion for exercise testing and prescription in the cardiac patient

Supervisors: Prof Roger Eston, Dr Kade Davison, A/Prof Gaynor Parfitt

Joanne Morris: To explore the impact of orthopaedic triage clinics in terms of cost (individual financial costs and societal cost) and impact on health out-comes for patients awaiting a specialist orthopaedic/ musculoskletal appointment

Supervisors: Dr Steve Milanese, Prof Karen GhrimmerDr Asterie Twizeyemariya, Dr Robert Marshall

Troy Morrison:  Exploring the diabetic foot with ultrasound imaging: Are there morphological differences in the intrinsic soft tissues of the foot between non-diabetics and diabetics with different chronicity

Supervisors: A/Prof Kerry Thoirs, Dr Sara Jones, Dr Ryan Causby

Max Nelson: Monitoring post-exertional fatigue through the maximal rate of heart rate increase during submaximal exercise

Supervisor: Prof Jon Buckley, Dr Rebecca Thomson, Dr Kade Davison, Dr David Foster

Donna Nitschke: Being the best learner you can be - a randomised controlled trial of a neuroscience based primary school program

Supervisors: A/Prof Susan Hillier, A/Prof Gaynor Parfitt, Dr Sarah Blunden

Brooke Osborne: How does an allied health student's self-efficacy relate to clinical scenario performance, subsequent reflection, and preparation for future clinical interactions?

Supervisors: Dr Steve Milanese, A/Prof Kerry Thoirs, A/Prof Sharron King, Dr Gisela Van Kessel

Maleshwane Pule: Developing an index of comorbidity for colorectal cancer in Australia

Supervisors: Prof David Roder, Dr Liz Buckley, A/Prof Theo Niyonsenga

MD Shafiqur Rahman (Jabin): Improving the safety and quality of medical imaging by bridging the gap between health information  technology and human performance

Supervisors: Prof William Runciman, Dr Tim Schultz, Dr Catherine Mandel, A/Prof Farah Magrabi, Peter Hibbert

Sujatha Raj: Home-Based Occupational Therapy for adults with both Down Syndrome and Dementia

Supervisors: Dr Mandy Stanley, Dr Shylie Mackintosh, Dr Caroline Fryer

Amanda Richardson: Predicting first year university student success: A multi-domain approach to determine who thrives and who just survives

Supervisors: Prof Tim Olds, A/Prof Gaynor ParfittA/Prof Sharron King, Dr Belinda Chiera

Daniel Rogers: An investigation into athletic movement competency in Australian Rules football players using a novel movement assessment tool

Supervisors: Prof Roger Eston, A/Prof Gaynor Parfitt, Dr Darren Burgess, Dr Ian McKeown

Michael Rogers: An examination of the inter-relationships between physical fitness, anthropometry and fundamental movement skills as they relate to competitive junior basketball performance

Supervisors: Dr Grant Tomkinson, Prof Roger Eston, Dr Natasha Schranz, David Ingham

Emily Rosenich: The influence of cognitive reserve and self-efficacy on post-stroke outcomes

Supervisors: A/Prof Susan Hillier, Dr Michelle McDonnell, Dr Brenton Hordacre, Prof Simon Koblar

Ilea Sanders: Does counselling regarding habit formation increase the effectiveness of a physical activity (PA) smartphone app?

Supervisors: A/ Prof Carol Maher, A/ Prof Svetlana Bogomolova, Dr Camille Short

Ines Serrada: An investigation into the recovery of arm function after stroke

Supervisors:  Dr Michelle McDonnell, A/Prof Susan Hillier 

Xiomara Skrabal Ross: Effect of a smartphone self-management program on adherence to oral chemotherapy in AYA and adults with cancer

Supervisors: Prof Ian Olver, Dr Kate Fennell, A/Prof Pandora Patterson

Flynn Slattery:  The long-term rate of change in lung function of South Australian metropolitan firefighters

Supervisors: Prof Alan Crockett, Dr Kylie Johnston, Prof Tjard Schermer

Brad Stenner: Why do Australians aged 55-74 who regularly participate in golf do so, and what are the benefits?

Supervisors: Prof Jon Buckley, Dr Amber Mosewich

Kerwin Talbot: Discrimination, conditioning and generalisation: testing the assumptions of the imprecision hypothesis of pain

UniSA Supervisor: Prof Lorimer Moseley, Dr Sara Jones, Dr Victoria Madden

Alexandra Wade: The influence of dietrary patterns on cognitive and cardiovascular functioning; an investigation of the Mediterranean diet

Supervisors: Dr Karen Murphy, Dr Hannah Keage, A/Prof Jonathan Hodgson

Nerylee Watson: Benefits from lifestyle changes for adults with T2DM: a comparison of two dietary patterns

Supervisors: Dr Karen MurphyProf Jon BuckleyA/Prof Grant Brinkworth

Scott Weeks: Developing foundations for robust occupational-therapy-based intervention studies to address the sensory needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Australia

Supervisors: Dr Steven Milanese, Prof Karen Grimmer, Dr Kobie Boshoff, Hugh Stewart

Angie Willcocks: A longitudinal investigation of the relationship between maternal diet and depression and anxiety, and the moderating role of life stress in the perinatal period

Supervisors: Dr Natalie Parletta, Dr Dorota Zarnowiecki, Prof Mary SteenA/Prof Theo Niyonsenga

Dianne Wilson: The Power of the Group - Exploring the effects of group composition on the outcomes of cognitive behavioural group therapy programs for chronic pain

Supervisors: Dr Shylie MackintoshProf Lorimer Moseley, Dr Claire Ashton-James, A/Prof Michael Nicholas

Candidates Completed 2017

Suzanne Carroll: The contributions of compositional and contextual features of local residential areas to the evolution of cardiometabolic risk over ten years in a population-based biomedical cohort

Supervisors: Prof Mark Daniel, Dr Neil Coffee, Dr Natasha Howard, Dr Catherine Paquet

Agustina Gancia: Assessing the evolution of partnership strength within a South Australian community-based childhood obesity prevention initiative 

Supervisors: A/Prof Margaret Cargo, Prof Mark Daniel, Dr Michelle Jones

Carolyn Murray: Responses to troublesome aspects of knowledge and practice: a grounded theory of learning to practice occupational therapy

Supervisors: Dr Ian Edwards, Mark Jones, Dr Merrill Turpin

Dannielle Post: Reshaping antecedents of health behaviour: Planning, implementing, and evaluating a theoretically-based health promotion program in a remotely-located, predominantly male workplace

Supervisors: Dr Matt Haren, Prof Gary Misan, Dr Catherine Paquet

Paul Reid: Experimental investigation of in-vitro cancer stem cells: in head and neck cancer cell lines following X-ray irradiation

Supervisors: Prof Eva Bezak, Dr Puthenparampil Wilson, Dr Judy Li

Judy Sprod: Changes in use of time, associated enjoyment and social interaction across the retirement transition: a longitudinal study

Supervisors: Dr Carol MaherProf Tim Olds, Dr Katia Ferrar

Ivana Stankov: Integrating complex systems methods to explore the influence of the built environment on cardiometabolic risk

Supervisors: A/Prof Margaret Cargo, Prof Mark Daniel, Dr Natasha Howard, Prof Ross Hammond

Sarah Wallwork: Exploring inner space: Modulation of defensive peripersonal reflexes by percieved threat 

Supervisors: Prof Lorimer Moseley, Dr Danny Camfferman, Dr Giandomenico Iannetti

Candidates Completed 2016

Helen Banwell: Foot orthoses by podiatrists for adults with flexible pes planus

Supervisors: Dr Shylie Mackintosh, Dr Dominic Thewlis, Dr Karl Landorf

Clint Bellenger: Monitoring athletic training status through autonomic heart rate regulation

Supervisors: Prof Jon Buckley, Dr Rebecca Thomson, Dr Kade Davison, Dr Eileen Robertson

Chris Bishop: The clinical management of plantar fasciopathy: considerations in diagnosis and foot orthotic treatment effect

Supervisors: A/Prof Susan Hillier, Dr Dominic Thewlis, Dr John Costi

Ryan Causby: Making sense of dexterity: Its role in scalpel skill acquisition in podiatry students

Supervisors: A/Prof Susan HillierDr Michelle McDonnell, A/Prof Lloyd Reed

Kathy Devonshire-Gill: A trend analysis of the physical activity patterns of the Australian adult population from 1997 to 2012

Supervisors: Prof Kevin NortonA/Prof James Dollman

James Doidge: The epidemiology of adverse childhood experiences in Australia

Supervisor: Prof Leonie Segal, Prof Paul Delfabbro

Joel Fuller: Effects of minimalist and conventional running shoes on running performance and injury risk, and the associated mechanisms

Supervisors: Prof Jon Buckley, Dr Dominic Thewlis, Dr Margarita Tsiros

Ashley Fulton: Long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Supervisors: A/Prof Alison CoatesDr Alison HillA/Prof Marie Williams, Prof Peter Howe

Stine Hoj: Public open space greenness in urban residential environments: prospective associations with mental health and potential psychosocial explanatory mechanisms

Supervisors: Dr Catherine Paquet, Prof Mark Daniel, A/Prof Jean Caron

Jocelyn Kernot: The Mums Step it Up Program: a social networking team based physical activity intervention for post-partum women

Supervisors: Dr Carol MaherProf Tim Olds, Dr Lucy Lewis

Yasmin Lai: The Assistive Technology prescription process: perspectives of clients

Supervisors: Prof Esther May, Dr Mary Russell, A/Prof Annette Raynor

Elizabeth Lynch: Implementing the Assessment for Rehabilitation Tool in Australian acute stroke units. A mixed methods cluster randomised trial

Supervisors: A/Prof Susan Hillier, Dr Julie Luker, A/Prof Dominique Cadilhac

Tory Madden: Pain by association? Investigation of classically conditioned pain

Supervisors: Prof Lorimer Moseley, Prof Johan Vlaeyen

Shelley Wright: Playfulness in preschool children: a preliminary investigation into the impact of parental chacateristics and child abuse and neglect

Supervisors: Prof Fiona Arney, A/Prof Jenny Ziviani

Candidates Completed 2015

Katherine Baldock: Neighbourhood environment and cardiometabolic risk: Perception and reality

Supervisors: Prof Mark DanielDr Catherine Paquet, Prof Graeme Hugo

Jayne Barbour: Health benefits of peanuts: Effects of peanut consumption on cognition, vascular and cardio-metabolic risk factors and satiety

Supervisors: A/Prof Alison CoatesA/Prof Janet BryanProf Jon Buckley, Prof Peter Howe

Carolyn Berryman: An investigation into chronic pain, somatic hypervigilance and cognitive function

Supervisors: Prof Lorimer MoseleyDr Tasha Stanton, Prof Alexander McFarlane

Mark Catley: Exploring tactile acuity deficits in people with chronic back pain

Supervisors: Prof Lorimer MoseleyDr Tasha Stanton, Dr Neil O'Connell

Samuel Chalmers: Short-term heat acclimation and the lactate threshold

Supervisors: Prof Kevin NortonProf Adrian EstermanProf Roger Eston

Lauren Frensham: Promoting regular walking among adult cancer survivors using an online intervention resource: an evaluation of project STRIDE

Supervisors: A/Prof James Dollman, A/Prof Gaynor Parfitt, A/Prof Janet Bryan

Daniel Harvie: Investigating the theoretical assumptions of the imprecision hypothesis of chronic pain

Supervisors: Prof Lorimer Moseley, A/Prof Susan Hillier, Dr Ann Muelders

Anna Phillips: The development of the guideline for reporting evidence-based practice education interventions and teaching (GREET)

Supervisors: A/Prof Marie Williams, Dr Lucy Lewis, Dr Maureen McEvoy

Gabby Rigney: A randomised controlled trial of a school-based sleep education program in pre-adolescents

Supervisors: Prof Tim Olds, Dr Carol Maher, Dr Sarah Blunden

Abby Tabor: Circular causality: an investigation into the experience of pain as part of a perceptual inference process

Supervisors: Prof Lorimer Moseley, Dr Michael Thacker

Candidates Completed 2014

John Arnold: Kinematis of the foot and ankle complex during walking: changes with age, knee osteoarthritis and total knee arthroplasty

Supervisors: Dr Dominic ThewlisDr Shylie MackintoshDr Sara Jones

Rebekah Das: Characterisation of the sensation ‘desire to void’ in individuals with and without overactive bladder

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Marie WilliamsProf Jon Buckley

Harrison Evans: Use of perceived exertion for exercise testing and prescription

Supervisors: Prof Roger EstonAssoc Prof Gaynor Parfitt

Michelle Guerin: Crossing the hospital-community interface: community services' involvement in the discharge process of older individuals from hospital into the community

Supervisors: Prof Karen GrimmerDr Saravana Kumar, Wendy Dolejs

Rebecca Nolan: Physical activity and exercise in people with type 2 diabetes and peripheral neuropathy

Supervisors: Prof Esther May, Dr Narelle Berry, A/Prof Annette Raynor

Liz Pridham: The identification and management of four-year-old children at risk for Development Coordination Disorder (DCD)

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Susan HillierProf Adrian Esterman

Gavin Tempest: The use of near infrared spectroscopy to examine the neural basis of affective responses during exercise at different intensities

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Gaynor ParfittProf Roger Eston

Andrew Wilson: The effect of a 10-minute physical activity break on elementary male students' on-task behaviour, sustained attention and daily physical activity

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Jim DollmanProf Tim OldsAssoc Prof Kurt Lushington

Candidates Completed 2013

Andrew Black: Impact of food subsidy programs on the health of disadvantaged populations. Evaluation of subsidised fruit and vegetables program in a rural Aboriginal medical service.

Supervisors: Prof Kerin O'Dea, Dr Hassan Vally, Dr Peter Morris

Karla Canuto: Evaluating the effectiveness of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Fitness Program: A pragmatic randomised controlled trial

Supervisors: Prof Robyn McDermott, Dr Margaret Cargo

Georgina Crichton: Dairy food consumption, cognitive function and cardiometabolic health

Supervisors: Dr Karen MurphyDr Janet BryanAssoc Prof Jon Buckley

Michael Dale: The effect of Whey Growth Factor Extract on muscle strength and size in recreational resistance trained males

Supervisors: Dr Grant Tomkinson, Dr Alison Coates, Prof Peter Howe

Valentin III Dones: Diagnosing lateral epicondylalgia: underpinning patholoy and evidence for the use of common provocation tests

Supervisors: Prof Karen Grimmer, Dr Steve Milanese, Dr Maarten Immink, Dr Saravana Kumar, Assoc Prof Kerry Thoirs

Sjaan Gomersall: Testing the 'activitystat' hypothesis: a randomised controlled trial

Supervisors: Prof Tim Olds, Dr Coralie English, Dr Carol Maher

Lucylynn Lizarondo: Exploring the determinants of evidence-based practice in allied health using the iCAHE journal club as a medium

Supervisors: Prof Karen Grimmer, Dr Saravana Kumar, Prof Alan Crockett

Ashley Pedler: The biomechanics of drop punt: three-dimensional kinematics, variability and muscle activity

Supervisors: Dr Paul GrimshawDr Maureen McEvoy

Natasha Schranz: Can resistance training change the strength, body composition and self-concept of overweight and obese adolescent males? A randomised controlled trial

Supervisors: Prof Tim OldsDr Grant TomkinsonDr Natalie Parletta

Rebecca Stanley: Increasing specificity of correlate research: the development of questionnaires to measure the predictors of lunchtime and after-school physical activity in children

Supervisors: Dr Jim DollmanDr Kobie Boshoff, Prof Tim Olds, Dr Kate Ridley

Louise Wiles: A new era: The evolution of research in Australian nursing and allied health professional journals: a bibliometric analysis

Supervisors: Prof Tim OldsAssoc Prof Marie Williams

Rachel Wong: Effects of bioactive nutrient supplementation on cardiovascular biomarkers and cognitive function

Supervisors: Dr Narelle Berry, Prof Peter Howe, Dr Janet BryanDr Alison Coates

Dorota Zarnowiecki: Does one size fit all? Exploring relationships between socioeconomic position and children's dietary intake to inform intervention design 

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Jim Dollman,Dr Natalie Parletta

Candidates Completed 2012





Angela Berndt

Prof Esther May

Drivers with Dementia: Occupational Therapy On-Road Assessment and Route Design

Chris Bishop (Masters by Research)

Dr Dominic Thewlis, Dr Gunther Paul

The Development of a Biomechanical Model of the Foot-Shoe Complex

Janine Dizon

Prof Karen Grimmer, Dr Saravana Kumar

An evidence-based practice program for Physiotherapists in the Philippines: Development, implementation and evaluation of an innovative model of continuing education

Lauren Dryden (nee Civetta)

Dr Susan Hillier

Investigation of motor control in children with developmental coordination disorder

Jim Daly(Masters by Research)

Prof Esther May, Dr Mandy Stanley

Towards increased understanding of the importance of ethical governance in Australian national sporting organisations

Katia Ferrar

Prof Tim Olds

Time use patterns of Australian and New Zealand young people: the potential of cluster analysis

Caroline Fryer

Dr Shylie Mackintosh, Dr Mandy Stanley, Dr Jonathan Crichton

'They didn't tell me much': a constructivist grounded theory of the healthcare experience after stroke for older people with limited English proficiency

Julie Luker

Prof Karen Grimmer, Dr Ian Edwards

The influence of acute stroke patients age on the quality of care they receive from allied health professionals

Jacqueline Peters

 Dr Natalie Parletta

PATCH - Parenting and teaching children healthy habits

Margarita Tsiros

Dr Alison Coates, Assoc Prof Jon Buckley, Prof Peter Howe, Dr Paul Grimshaw

Obesity, the new childhood disability?




Candidates Completed 2011





Lyndell Bruce

Assoc Prof Annette Raynor, Prof Esther May

Factors contributing to decision making expertise

Katina D'Onise

Prof Robyn McDermott, Prof Adrian Esterman, Prof John Lynch

Early childhood education: does preschool attendance reduce the risk of cardio-vascular disease?

Nathan Daniell

Prof Tim Olds, Dr Grant Tomkinson

Three-dimensional scanning in anthropometry - Bringing new techniques and applications to an old science

Deanna Gibbs

Dr Kobie Boshoff, Dr Mandy Stanley

Person-Environment Influences: Enabling the occupation of parenting in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Maureen McEvoy

Prof Tim Olds, Assoc Prof Marie Williams, Dr Lucy Lewis

Evolution of individual evidence-based practice profiles

Catherine Milte

Dr Natalie Parletta, Prof Peter Howe, Dr Alison Coates, Assoc Prof Jon Buckley

Cognitive and behavioural benefits of omega 3 fatty acid supplementation across the lifespan

Charlotte Sale

Dr Sheila Scutter, Assoc Prof Jenny Cox, Dr Georgia Halkett, Dr Martin Borg

Radiation therapy practice in Australia - a development process

Norman Stomski

Dr Shylie Mackintosh, Dr Mandy Stanley

Assessing the Context of Acupuncture Care for Chronic Low Back Pain

Rebecca Taylor

Prof Tim Olds, Dr Kobie Boshoff

Participation of children with and without disabilities in everyday activities

Julie Walters

Assoc Prof Lorraine Sheppard, Dr Shylie Mackintosh, Assoc Prof Marie Williams

Elective Surgery Waiting Lists: What’s the Hold-Up

Emily Ward

Dr Susan Hillier, Assoc Prof Annette Raynor

Developmental coordination disorder - do personnel and environmental impact on intervention outcomes for this condition?



Candidates Completed 2010





Bridget Garnham

Prof Esther May, Dr Vicki Crowley

Cutting Subjects: The cultural politics of ‘older’, Foucault’s ethico-aesthetics and the practice of cosmetic surgery

Terri Gibson

Prof Esther May

Dangerous liaisons?  Enterprise rationality, nursing practice and the regulation of hospital care to older people

Lucy Lewis

Assoc Prof Marie Williams, Prof Tim Olds

Evidence based practice in entry-level physiotherapy education

Steven Milanese

Prof Karen Grimmer

Influence of anthropometric variability, self image, physical activity and motor skill on the reporting of adolescent low back pain amongst a cohort of secondary school students

Lynda Norton

Dr Jim Dollman

Prof Adrian Esterman

Effectiveness of intervention strategies to promote physical activity among insufficiently active adults




Candidates Completed 2009





Nicole Christensen

Mark Jones, Dr Ian Edwards

Development of clinical reasoning capability in student physical therapists

Michael Cole

Paul Grimshaw, Adrian Burden

Low back pain in golf: Three dimensional kinematics and muscle activity patterns

Shaun Filiault

Dr Murray Drummond, Eric Anderson

Playing with the natural body: gay athletes, body image, and the hegemonic aesthetic

Bebet Gonzalez-Suarez

Prof Karen Grimmer, Prof Tim Olds

Childhood obesity in San Juan, Metromanila: its prevalence, causes and treatment

Janette Young

Dr Murray Drummond, Janet McIntyre

Migrating Australian migration: Thinking beyond ethnicity

Tahna Pettman

Assoc Prof Gary Misan

Practical lifestyle modification for improving obesity and metabolic syndrome: a randomised controlled trial

Mary Russell

Prof Esther May, Prof Simon Stewart, David Thompson, Assoc Prof Marie Williams

Determining the impact of chronic angina pectoris on individuals' activities and participation

Rebecca Thomson

Assoc Prof Jon Buckley, Grant Brinkworth

The effects of exercise and lifestyle management in overweight women with polycystic ovary syndrome



Candidates Completed 2008





Sarah Barras

Prof Esther May

Multiple perspectives of occupational therapy pre-discharge home assessments: processes and outcomes

Claire Drummond

Assoc Prof Lorraine Sheppard

The role and function of the school food service and its place within the school system

Amanda Foley

Dr Susan Hillier

A randomised controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of different exercise frequencies for maintaining rehabilitation outcomes for older adults

Julie Luker

Prof Esther May, Prof Karen Grimmer

Guideline compliance by Allied Health staff and the outcomes for patients with acute stroke

Carol Maher

Assoc Prof Marie Williams

Using the internet to increase physical activity in adolescents with cerebral palsy - are you kidding?!

David Nicholls

Julianne Cheek

Body politics: a Foucauldian discourse analysis of physiotherapy practice



Candidates Completed 2007





David Birbeck

Dr Murray Drummond

An investigation of the physical identity perceptions of boys and girls aged between five and six years in South Australian schools

Pitre Bourdon

Assoc Prof Jon Buckley

Blood lactate thresholds: implications for testing, training and performance

Kim Dae-Yeon

Prof Tim Olds

How Korean children use their time

Lucy Chipchase

Assoc Prof Marie Williams

Electrophysical agents: professional and generic competencies in Australian entry-level physiotherapy curricula

Denise O'Connor

Prof Esther May

Developing an item bank for measuring upper extremity physical function using the

Rasch Measurement Model

Kerry Thoirs

Assoc Prof Marie Williams

High Resolution Measurements of the Ulnar Nerve: A two group comparison of symptomatic and asymptomatic participants



Candidates Completed 2006





Coralie English

Dr Susan Hillier

Is task-related circuit training an effective means of providing rehabilitation to an acute stroke sample? A controlled trial

Suntara Klanarong

Prof Kevin Norton

Socio-demographic distribution of health-related fitness in Thai children

Belinda Lange

Assoc Prof Marie Williams

Pain and anxiety associated with minor medical procedures in paediatric clients and their parents: is virtual reality a useful distracting technique

Margaret McMahon

Assoc Prof Pat Trott

An investigation of the prevalence of thumb problems in Australian Physiotherapists

Trish Neumann

Prof Ruth Grant

Physiotherapy for the management of female stress urinary incontinence in Australia: an observational study

Rungthip Puntametakul

Assoc Prof Pat Trott

The vertical spinal creep (VSC) response in asymptomatic young subjects

Rolf Scharfbillig

Dr Sheila Scutter

The differences in activity, demographics, biomechanics and quality of life between adolescents with Sever's disease and non-symptomatic counterparts


Areas of study and research

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