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Find out more about the Pharmaceuticals research currently being undertaken at the University of South Australia.

Pharmaceuticals research

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Pharmaceuticals research

With world-class expertise and access to state-of-the-art facilities, our researchers are developing advanced therapeutics, designing targeted delivery systems to help us get the maximum benefit from our medicines, and implementing strategies to ensure and improve the safety and efficacy of medications, in support of improved health outcomes.

Pharmaceuticals research


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Chiao Xin Lim

Chiao Xin Lim

“UniSA has a vibrant research environment with both Australian and international research experts, and the University is constantly attracting many world-class researchers to join them. This greatly promotes collaborative research works that are translational to medical care, which is my main focus of research.

My primary area of research is focused on identifying genetic factors that contribute to childhood epilepsies and to uncover how these mutations cause the disease. This is very important for families, especially the parents to know more about why and how this kind of epilepsy occurs in their children.

I hope that my research will help to discover more effective treatments for children with epilepsy syndromes so that they can have better quality of life.”


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