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Healthy Lifestyles research

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Healthy Lifestyles research

More than just a focus on attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, our researchers are also investigating health starting at the fundamental genetic level, through conception and birth, and the impact of our choices and habits on our health into adulthood and through the ageing process. Our researchers assess the impact of factors including nutrition, exercise and activity with a focus on preventing disease and our ability to maintain our health and wellbeing in a rapidly changing world.

Healthy Lifestyles research


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Max Nelson

Max Nelson

“During my Honours year with ARENA, I was given the opportunity to teach some Exercise Physiology practical classes. I greatly enjoyed this and it enabled me to realise that a career in academia was something I wanted to pursue and beginning a PhD was the most logical and worthwhile way to do this.

Having always had a keen interest in sport and performance I wanted to stay in this area, but also wanted to broaden my research to have applications for individuals with chronic conditions as well as any group with a high level of physical training (such as athletes or the Defence Force). I have really enjoyed the hands on experiences involved in undertaking a research pathway, particularly being able to work with a range of individuals in a range of environments.”


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