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Samsung SMARTSchool at UniSA

  • Samsung SMARTSchool
  • Samsung SMARTSchool
  • Samsung SMARTSchool
  • Samsung SMARTSchool

Today’s students are tech savvy, having spent their entire lives using technology - in study and in play. They send and receive information in radically different ways to previous generations using internet, social media, online gaming, texting, emailing and more in a virtual environment. In fact, by the year 2020, connected devices will outnumber humans six to one. It’s a world of discovery and imagination that moves at a rapid, changing pace.  It’s no surprise then that classrooms and homes need transformation to create new learning environments. While technology can spark imagination, it is teachers who stir, harness and challenge it.

To build on and extend the ways in which students learn and communicate, the Samsung SMARTSchool explores educational opportunities that embrace the challenges technology brings into the classroom. In doing so, it channels the transformative potential of digital technology to support new and creative approaches that innovate teaching and learning.

Connecting UniSA’s acclaimed teacher education programs and world-class research against a backdrop of innovative STEM teaching and learning opportunities, the SMARTSchool provides a collaborative workspace for teachers at all career stages to engage in critical thinking, creative problem solving around authentic and real-life problems and technological proficiency, for students from Reception through to Secondary School.

STEM – Teaching for Tomorrow

The importance of STEM education in Australia has been highlighted in numerous recent reports.  Government initiatives to strengthen STEM teaching has led to a renewed focus on increasing student uptake of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects in primary and secondary schools across Australia. The National STEM school education strategy 2016-2026 recognises that schools need to support the development of cross-disciplinary skills, critical and creative thinking, problem solving and digital technologies. In short, it is about ensuring Australia’s young adults are equipped with the necessary skills for the workplace of the near future, and ultimately help keep Australia competitive internationally in these important fields.

A purpose-built facility


As home to the largest cohort of teaching students in the state, the purpose-built SMARTSchool located at UniSA’s Magill Campus is a key initiative in the development of UniSA’s Education precinct. 

The new facility features an array of Samsung technology including large form screens, video walls, outdoor pcs, smart phones, watches and tablets, virtual reality headsets and a digitally connected environment like no other in South Australia. 

The facility is designed to be a flexible education space, which can be configured in a number of ways for specific teaching and learning experiences – it’s a way for people to work together in new ways.