Computer Science Unplugged – Introduction to Coding and 3D Printers - Magill

The coding session will provide students with an introduction to algorithmic thinking and the structures required to develop coding skills.

The 3D Printing session will provide students with an insight into additive manufacturing and an introduction to a simple online CAD design program.

For: Middle School Students (Year 6 to Year 9)


Interactive activities to foster student understanding of the way a programmer thinks about implementing solutions to problems, before they begin writing.  Challenge tasks will encourage students to enact their thinking and write algorithms prior to being introduced to the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of Arduino to write and see the outcomes of their first code.

In the 3D Printing, students will gain experience in the main facets of 3D printing, including 3D Scanning and Modelling. They will design an object, provide the file for printing, and see 3D printers in action as objects are printed.

What will be Students doing?

Computer Science Unplugged

Students will:

  • Learn about algorithmic thinking  and how it can be used to solve problems and implement tasks
  • Develop an algorithm for an everyday task
  • Participate in a ‘Human Computer’ program activity and then modify the program
  • Use Arduino IDE to write code that focusses on using simple Inputs and Outputs.

3D Printing

Students will:

  • Learn how to use and navigate a simple online 3D design software package called Tinkercad.
  • Design an object where two pieces join together.
  • Have their object printed for them to keep.


  • As this program incorporates a practical activity, students and accompanying adults will be required to wear closed in shoes and appropriate dress.
  • Teachers will receive confirmation of booking and pre-visit information.


Thank you for your interest in our programs, unfortunately this program is fully booked for 2019


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