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Professional Experience Placement Overview

Your Placement Journey

Professional Experience courses differ from most other courses as they include course work on campus as well as learning time at educational sites through placements. Depending on your program, placements can take place in a variety of care and school settings, including in rural and remote locations. Placements enable first-hand experience of the teaching profession and help develop your understanding of teaching contexts and of different teaching roles.

Placements help you put your university course work into practice and  integrate learnings from your placement and Supervising Teacher/s back into your course work. Over time you will become more involved with all aspects of teaching, including planning, teaching and evaluating learning experiences, preparing learning materials, addressing student needs, maintaining appropriate behaviour and engaging with extra-curricular activities. During placements you will also experience the professional community of teachers, will undertake yard duty, attend staff meetings and participate in Professional Development where appropriate.

You must be adequately prepared for placements. Understanding all aspects of placement gives you the maximum benefit from this valuable learning experience and ensures that all places in host school communities are filled with appropriately prepared Preservice Teachers (PSTs).

Your placement journey information