Professional Experience Placement

Who organises placement?

UniSA Professional Experience Office team (PEO) works in partnership with educational sites (schools, preschools & childcare centres) to organise placements for approximately 3000 Preservice Teachers across the Bachelor and Master of Teaching programs each year.

The Professional Experience Office is responsible for managing all aspects of your Professional Experience and is physically located at Magill Campus in G1-68.

Can Preservice Teachers organise their own placement?

Preservice Teachers DO NOT organise their own placements and DO NOT contact schools regarding potential placements under any circumstance. As outlined on the Professional Experience Placement Agreement Form which you must sign as a pre-requisite to participating in placement, it is a breach of policy for Preservice Teachers to negotiate their own placement.

Placement preferences

You will be able to preference by region on InPlace (as per SA Government regions)

The University values diversity of placements to support the development of the Preservice Teachers. It is important that you experience a range of school contexts throughout your degree, so that you have a broad understanding of working with children and young people from diverse communities.

As per the Professional Experience Placement Agreement form, Preservice Teachers should expect to travel up to 90 minutes from their home to any Professional Experience placement. If you are unable to fulfil this requirement, you  may choose to un-enrol and re-enrol in the relevant course when you  are able to meet all requirements.

Notification of Placement details

The Professional Experience Office aims to release information about placements via InPlace to all Preservice Teachers in a timely manner prior to the commencement of your block. You will receive a notification from InPlace advising you that your placement details are published.

As previously advised, if you have not met the pre-requisite requirement by the relevant deadline, your placement details will not be released and you may be advised to withdraw.

Areas of study and research

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