The prevalence and effectiveness of Anti-bullying strategies employed in Australian Schools

Report written by Professor Ken Rigby and Dr Kaye Johnson, University of South Australia

Ken RigbyThe Prevalence and Effectiveness of anti- bullying strategies employed in Australian schools:  a report for the Australian Department of Education and Training.

This report was undertaken with a grant provided by The Australian Department of Education and Training under the aegis of the School of Education at the University of South Australia. The authors of the Report are Adjunct Professor Ken Rigby and Dr Kaye Johnson.  Assistance was provided by co-researcher, Mr Greg Cox in 2014, and by Mr Alex Stretton, PhD student, in 2014 and 2015 as the research assistant.

This report is the first of its kind in Australia. It draws upon survey data from schools, individual teachers, students, parents and educational administrators  to provide a composite picture of how  government schools in 6 educational jurisdictions are responding to the problem of school bullying.

It identifies the strengths and limitations of how bullying in schools is currently being addressed, as revealed by a range of stakeholders. It is especially intended to provide a much needed account of how schools are responding to school bullying.  It is of practical interest to practising teachers and teachers in training, parents of school children and educational administrators.

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