Building a Reading Culture Second Roundtable - Reading, Poverty, and What Schools Can('t) Do About It

Associate Professor and Associate Head of School: Research Sue Nichols, presented at the National Institute of Education (NIE) in Singapore where she presented on her work with the community in South Australia to provide insights into how to engage families in literacy learning and development. 


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  Associate Professor Sue Nichols



Sue Nichols leads the Multiliteracies and Global Englishes Research Group in the Centre for   Research in Education. Her research in the fields of literacy, family involvement, practitioner inquiry and inclusive education has been supported by national competitive and university grants. She has worked in collaboration with many professional and community organisations to investigate learner participation and literacy development. Her research crosses diverse contexts including libraries, universities, school classrooms, kindergartens, shopping malls and religious organisations. As society increasingly moves into online spaces, her research and teaching has followed, investigating changing literacy and learning practices. She has written about these issues from the perspectives of place, networks, social relations and identity formation.




Areas of study and research

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