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Past Events


Book Launch: Intergenerational Education for Adolescents towards Liveable Futures

This volume will provide eco-socially­ oriented science and environmental educators with a diverse set of examples of how science and environmental learning for students and their co-learner teachers can be enacted in ways which contribute to their understanding of, commitment to and capabilities towards, living for a more eco-socially just and, therefore, more sustainable world...READ MORE

de Lissa Oration 2019

The topic for this year annual Oration was ACEs too high. Aboriginal Children and Trauma. Presented by Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson AM... READ MORE

Research @ the SMARTSchool
'Wellness in Education: Toward healthy schools and learners'

On 20 September this R@SS (Research @ SMARTSchool) session presented the seminar titled 'Wellness in Education: Toward healthy schools and learners' by Associate Professor Barbara Spears, Dr Robyne Garrett and Dr Bindi MacGill. READ MORE

Research @ the SMARTSchool
Preparing Learners for life: Financial literacy, health literacy & other key skills

On Wednesday 21 August, Associate Professor Sue Nichols presented ‘Calling Dr Google: Critical literacy for healthy children, young people and families’, Dr Mahmood Nathie presented ‘MoneySmart: Another Approach for Teaching Finance’...READ MORE. 

Reforming teachers’ practice? A public talk with Professor Stephen Kemmis and Dr Christine Edwards-Groves from Charles Sturt University

Professor Stephen Kemmis and Dr Christine Edwards-Groves are researchers at the Research Institute for Professional Practice, Learning and Education, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga and also at the 'Pedagogy, Education and Praxis' (PEP) international collaboration involving researchers from universities in Colombia, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden...... READ MORE

The digital footprints of young children:
Understanding their engagement in a digital world

As digital technologies become increasingly commonplace in families and classrooms for the purposes of learning, pleasure and entertainment, young children’s digital footprints now begin from birth.  The increasing prevalence and usage of digital technologies by and for young children has families, educators and policy makers asking about what children are actually doing with digital technologies  -  in what contexts, for what purposes and with what effects...READ MORE

Research @ the SMARTSchool
New Perspectives on Childhood Research

This was the third Research Seminar of a series being hosted at the University of South Australia. This R@SS (Research @ SMARTSchool) session presents New Perspectives on Childhood Research. Our speakers share insights from their inquiries and raise some thought-provoking question. READ MORE...

Creative Body-based Learning 2019 Winter Intensive

Creative and Body-based Learning (CBL) utilises active and arts-based approaches to engage students in academic, affective and aesthetic learning across all areas of the curriculum. In collaboration with the University of Texas, the University of South Australia and Department for Education are conducting the Creative Body-based Learning: Winter Intensive for both new and experienced teachers, school leaders, academics and teaching artists with a specific focus on building success in learning for all students... READ MORE

Trying to be at home in the world: 
Untimely meditations on the necessity of teaching 

Gert Biesta, Professor of Public Education at the Centre of Public Education and Pedagogy of Maynooth University Ireland presented a seminar at City West. This seminar was based on the following subject. 'Around the world education is being geared towards the effective production of measurable learning outcomes. While this helps some countries to move to the top of the league table, it pushes other countries towards the bottom, while the system as a whole is slowly going nowhere'...Read More.

Research @ the SMARTschool

On Friday 7 June we welcomed the first Research Seminar of a series being hosted at the University of South Australia. This R@SS (Research @ SMARTSchool) session presents the latest research on educators implementing innovative and creative approaches. Our speakers share insights from their inquiries and raise some thought-provoking question.

Topic included: Flipped learning – create or curate? - Jeremy LeCornu
Innovation - too much of a good thing? - Zara Anderson
Creative and body-based pedagogies in Mathematics- Joss Rankin..Read More. 

Learning in a Transforming Society

Our world faces both unprecedented challenges and myriad opportunities for human advancement. Driven by technological development and globalisation our societies, economies and environment are transforming around us. We are approaching an uncertain future that we cannot predict, but we need to be ready for it. This seminar brings together researchers who are working on the challenges of designing education for an uncertain future..Read More.

Blurred Lives Project*: A cross-national, co-participatory exploration of cyberbullying, young people and socio-economic disadvantage.

On 8 March 2019 Dr. Consuelo Mameli – Ph.D. in Psychology, Psychologist and Psychotherapist – is Researcher in Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of Bologna and Dr Barbara Spears Associate Professor in Education, at the University of South Australia presented an overview and initial findings from the Blurred Lives Project, funded by Erasmus+ under KA2 Strategic Partnerships for School Education.  The project focuses on the online experiences of 14-16 years old students attending schools in disadvantaged urban areas in Northern Ireland, England, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands..Read More. 

Pages, fences and other two-sided ironies involving inclusion

RESI Research Seminar Presents: Inclusive education journals have increasingly become platforms for special educators applying discourses of inclusion to describe unfettered assumptions about disability, particularly signifying individual defectiveness. This work regularly involves disabling diagnostic discourses underwriting the remit of ableists in advocating for segregation of people with disabilities..Read More.


EMI in University Social Sciences in Viet Nam: Policies and Pedagogies

The University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) at Viet Nam National University in Ha Noi and the University of South Australia (UniSA) are pleased to co-host a 2018 international conference on English as a medium of instruction (EMI) in University Social Sciences in Viet Nam: Policies and Pedagogies.. Read More

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Action Research Showcase

We invite educators and community leaders to join us in a dialogue with State and Catholic School teachers who are designing and enacting culturally responsive pedagogies in their classrooms..Read More

Global Inclusion and Democracy at the Cross Roads: Aboriginal Australian Futures

Australia, the UK and many EU countries now face significant challenges as a result of increased flows of people contributing to increased cultural diversity and tensions around ethnic and cultural difference. Diversity, inclusion and democracy are at the crossroads. Public Education, legal and social institutions, as key sites for identity and social formation, are key players in sustaining social cohesion of nations..Read More.

Global Trends in Initial Teacher Education and The Place of Teacher Inquiry

In developed countries around the world, the focus on teacher quality has brought unprecedented attention (and critique) to initial teacher education, including the development of multiple, sometimes competing, reform agendas.. Read More.

'Teacher Education of kindergarten and primary school teachers: some Italian research perspectives on teacher change studies' 
'Digital research in HASS & the role of evolving socio-historical contexts in shaping new teacher professional identities'

In the framework of international studies on teacher change, some Italian research on the beliefs and practices of pre-service teachers are presented. In the teacher education of kindergarten and primary school teachers it is fundamental to analyse how the beliefs and practices evolve, in order to orient the curricula and improve the training methodologies in higher education programs..Read More.

Engaging Students and Teachers with Mathematics

Student engagement with mathematics plays a significant role in academic achievement yet although we tend to use the term engagement regularly when we refer to students’ on task behaviours, do we have a deep enough understanding of what substantive engagement looks like? Does it involve more than students simply being on task and completing work?..Read More.

Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World: Culturally Responsive Pedagogies

On 8 November at Kings College in London, this symposium brought together a wide range of researchers to share knowledge and mutual understanding by promoting Australian Studies as an international, lively, and engaging field of inquiry and highlighting recent research in Australia and abroad on Cultural Responsive Pedagogies (CRP) in schooling. The symposium built upon collaboration between scholars in Australia, UK, USA, EU and Pacifica, whilst aiming to address new and unchartered areas of timely discussion...Read More.

Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association: Community, Capital and Culture: Celebrating SFL Conference.

On 26-28 September the University hosted a three-day conference, celebrating the celebratory theme initiated by ASFLA 2016 by focusing on the achievements of Systemic Functional Linguistics. The conference is was inclusive of all areas and applications of SFL, as well as related fields of inquiry, such as multimodality and LCT.

The conference contained the concepts of community, capital and culture as guiding themes. three concepts are integral to the architecture and principles of SFL...Read More

Researching with teachers for Australian culturally responsive

On 6th September at Mawson Lakes Campus, Professor Irabinna Rigney along with Professor Robert Hattam presented a seminar that reported on research in progress that aims to examine how teachers enact culturally responsive pedagogy in Australian mainstream middle school classrooms. Specifically this will entail a multi-sited action research project in 7 mainstream schools, augmented by analysis of policy texts, and additional evidence about school structures, and school culture. Read More.

Creative Body-based Learning: 2018 Winter Intensive

On 19-21 July the University of South Australia in partnership with DECD conducted the following Creative and Body-based Learning (CBL) workshop which utilises active and arts-based approaches to engage students in academic, affective and aesthetic learning across all areas of the curriculum. ..Read More.

2nd joint congress of daCi (dance and the Child international) and WDA (World Dance Alliance) Global Education and Training Network. 'Panpapanpalya'

On 8-13 July the University of South Australia (UniSA), in conjunction with local, national and international partners hosted the world dance congress Panpapanpalya 2018, one of the world’s largest gatherings of dancers, dance educators, and artists of all ages. The congress was a creative contribution to international 21st century knowledge networks generating new thoughts and ideas for dance learning and teaching…Read More.

Research Lessons from a Community Makerspace: Fostering and analysing the experience of “muchness”.

On 30 May Dr Jaye Johnson Thiel, University of Georgia presented a seminar titled ‘Research Lessons from a Community Makerspace: Fostering and analysing the experience of “muchness”.

In this presentation, Dr Jaye Johnson Thiel reflected on what she had learnt from opening and facilitating a community centre with University colleagues in a low-income, multilingual neighbourhood and how this research has informed her work as a preservice teacher educator. Read more…

Reading Futures and Reading Mobilities: What difference does space make to the reading participation of adolescent students?

On 23 May Assistant Professor Chin Ee LOH from the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore presented a seminar titled ‘Reading Futures and Reading Mobilities: What difference does space make to the reading participation of adolescent students?’ Read More...

Public Event: Changing patterns of youth activism? What is happening, why and what are the implications for education?

On 23 May the University of South Australia, School of Education hosted a public event funded by a Leverhulme International Network Grant. What motivates/demotivates young people from engaging within their political and social communities?

Is youth political and social activism changing from traditional, formal, partisan forms of engagement to practices which are new, informal, and issue-based?

What are the implications of such questions for educators working with young people?...Read More.

Translanguaging and functional multilingualism in education: Implications for curriculum and pedagogy in EMI

On 29 March the School of Education hosted the ‘Translanguaging and functional multilingualism in education: Implications for curriculum and pedagogy in EMI’ seminar Presented by Associate Professor Kathleen Heugh...Read More.

Bullying and Cyberbullying: Insights on Coping and Bystanders

On 21 February Associate Professor Eleni Didaskalou and Associate Professor Barbara Spears presented a seminar focusing on Bullying and Cyberbullying: Insights on Coping and Bystanders.

Bullying and cyberbullying are complex social relationship problems, requiring complex relationship solutions. They involve a deliberate intent to harm or aggress; the misuse and abuse of power, and are often repeated, exacerbating the impact for the individual being targeted. Simple, quick-fix solutions are not useful when dealing with developmentally vulnerable children and youth engaging in complex inter-relationships...Read More.

 The School of Education Research Days

This year the School of Education proudly hosted the ‘The School Research Days’ which took place on 22-23 February at the City West Campus.

The Research days accommodated Professor Suzanne Carrington from The Queensland University of Technology who opened the event with a presentation on the theme of 'impact and engagement in educational research'...Read More. 

 2018 MENu Conference: Male Educators on the Fringe

Following the great success of the inaugural MENu conference in 2017, the School of Education along with Down to Earth hosted the 2018 MENu  Conference ‘Male Educators on the Fringe’ on 17 February. With national workforce figures around 3%, male early childhood educators are truly sitting on the fringe of the early education and care sector... Read more 

Action Research: Provocation and Frontier

On 16 January 2018 The Research Summer Writing School will began with a full day workshop titled Action Research: Provocation and Frontier, facilitated by Professor Robert Hattam and Professor Marie Brennan.


 Developments in England’s policy and practice related teacher preparation: Unintended consequences of an ‘informed' profession?

On November 30th David Spendlove is Professor of Education in the Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester, United Kingdom presented a seminar based on the preparation of pre-service teachers in England has, during the last seven years, undergone the most sustained, rapid and radical period of change.s...Read More

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Action Research Showcase

On November 24th we invited the educators and community leaders to join us in a dialogue with State and Catholic School teachers who are designing and enacting culturally responsive pedagogies in their classrooms. In Australia, our schools are becoming increasingly culturally diverse. However our pedagogies remain largely oriented towards a white Anglo-Saxon student cohort...Read More.

Perspectives on Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) research

On November 3rd 2017, Dr Teemu Valtonen Associate Professor in the University of Eastern Finland at the School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education presented ‘Perspectives on Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) research’…Read More.

Comparison of Foreign Language Education Policies between Australia and China since the 1980s

On October 31st 2017 Professor Wu Haiyan is Dean of School of Foreign Languages and Director of the Australian Studies Centre, Inner Mongolia Normal University presented a seminar titled ‘Comparison of Foreign Language Education Policies between Australia and China since the 1980s’ This seminar attempts to explore the similarities and differences between the foreign language policies in Australia and in China since the 1980s…Read More

The Inclusive Education Summit 2017

On October 27th, 28th and 29th 2017 the School of Education hosted ‘The Inclusive Education Summit’ focusing on coming together to think about education at a momentous time in global history, where the world has fractured, people are displaced and we search for new research...Read More.


On October 25th 2017 the School of Education hosted an Education Oration titled ‘Can Education Change Society?’ presented by the distinguished Professor Michael Apple from the University of Wisconsin at Maddison / Institute of Education – University College London…Read More .

de Lissa Oration 2017:'Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust'

On October 19th 2017 Helen Connolly, the inaugural Commissioner for Children and Young People for South Australia presented the following de Lissa Oration based on global challenges and emerging opportunities that impact on the environments children and young people live in and on their health and development..Read More.  

Learning to live in culturally diverse societies: Culturally Responsive Pedagogies

On September the 28th the Hawke EU Centre for Mobilities, Migrations and Cultural Transformations in conjunction with the School of Education convened a Conference titled: Learning to live in culturally diverse
societies: Culturally Responsive Pedagogies.. Read More

Tracing the non-formal learning sector: an international comparative project

On September 14th Julian Sefton-Green delivered a workshop based on the robust nature of the non-formal learning sector and its importance as an essential deliverer of creative and cultural learning,..Read more


Two Presentations:The More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers Initiative and Initial Scoping and The European Commission SALEACOM project

 On May 23rd  2017 Associate Professor Jo Lampert and Associate Professor Bruce Burnett from, QUT, Queensland University of Technology provided a two part presentation on the findings of a component of the More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers Initiative (MATSITI), which ran from 2011 to 2016. Read More...

The National Exceptional Teaching for Disadvantages Schools Program (NETDS)

On May 22nd 2017 Associate Professor Jo Lampert and Associate Professor Bruce Burnett from, QUT, Queensland University of Technology presented the National Exceptional Teachers for Disadvantaged Schools (NETDS) program which is the first systemic attempt within mainstream Australian Initial Teacher Education programs to attract, prepare, support and facilitate employment of high quality teachers for low SES (Socio-Economic Status) schools. Read More..

Inaugural Memorial Lecture for Emeritus Professor Freda Briggs, AO

On March 30th 2017 the School of Education presented the Inaugural Memorial Lecture for Emeritus Professor Freda Briggs, AO. Theme: 'We know that one in five children will be sexually assaulted in some way before the age of 18.  We know how that carnage manifests itself, not only in the victims and their families but also in our communities across every nook and cranny of our nation...Read More


Public Lecture: Digital Life Begins at 80

On Wednesday the 15th of March, Professor Kim Sawchuk from the Concordia University Montreal presented her Public lecture. She has been a trailblazer in researching and promoting digital engagement of older people. Her Montreal-based research network ACT (Ageing + Communications + Technology) have run many exciting projects. These include collaboration with the Mobile Media Lab to involve seniors in digital media production...Read More


Dis/abling theory: interdisciplinary collaborations in music education

On February 21st 2017 Tim Corcoran from Deakin University hosted a seminar which scrutinises the role theory plays in processes of, and struggles around, governance and regulation in inclusive education. In particular, the provision of music education for students with dis/abilities...Read More

Reciprocity and partnerships in transdisciplinary research: doing things differently

On Monday the 20th of February 2017, Marnee Shay and Annette Woods from the Queensland University of Technbology discussed working together on research and highlighted some insights about building authentic partnerships. They are currently involved in is a three year, Indigenous led, transdisciplinary project, funded through a CRC grant from the Lowitja Institute...Read More 

Inclusive education isn't dead just smells funny.

On Thursday the 2nd of February 2017, Professor Roger Slee presented his inaugural lecture, In this inaugural lecture he proposed a review on his work on social exclusion and inclusive education since...Read More

Bound by Words Workshop with Professor Roger Slee

On Monday the 16th of January 2017, Professor Roger Slee hosted a full day workshop titled Bound by Words – finding your writing voice. In this workshop Roger used the troubled and troubling field of inclusive education as a forum for thinking about writing for change...Read More

Creative and Body-based Summer Intensive

On Wednesday the 18th-20th of January 2017, The Creative and Body-based Summer Intensive occurred as apart of a professional learning program which opened up to teachers, school leaders, academics and teaching artists... Read More


9th Biennial International Conference on Technology Education Research

On December 1st to the 3rd the University of South Australia in Conjunction with DATTA hosted a 3 day conference aimed to engage, challenge and excite the researcher, the practitioner & industry partners in Technologies education.... Read More   

‘Celebrating Cultural Diversity Program Workshop’

On Friday the 25th November this workshop  focused on first year international students undertaking Teacher Education, world intercultural experiences and learning while participating in the ‘Celebrating Cultural Diversity (CDD) Practicum Preparatory Program’....Read More

The Class: Living and Learning in the Digital Age, Presented by Julian Sefton-Green 

 On Tuesday the 22nd of November Julian Sefton-Green presented a talk on the long ethnography into the ‘learning lives’ of 13-14 year olds in London published as ... Read More

2016 CREd Oration: “Teaching and learning on the edge: Policy and practice for education in marginal communities” Presented by Professor Jo-Anne Reid 

On Thursday the 17th of November this oration focused on the problems that face (teacher) education policy and practice in attempting to understand and respond to the need for schooling to support Tony Vinson’s (2015) ... Read More

‘Information-seeking of undergraduate students: Behaviours, feelings, thoughts and actions during academic writing.’

On Friday the 11th of November we held a combined seminar and book launch presented by Dr Mary Ellis- Senior lecturer at Nanyang Technological University, National Institute of Education (Singapore) more

Book Launch: 'Negotiating Belongings:
Stories of Forced Migration of Dinka Women from South Sudan', Dr Melanie Baak

Dr Baak's recently published book 'Negotiating Belongings:Stories of Forced Migration of Dinka Women' was offically launched by Visiting Professor Alison Phipps, University of Glasgow... Read More

de Lissa Oration 2016: ‘Technology, Media and Children’s Rights'

On Thursday the 20th of October, Dr Lesley-anne Ey (PhD) presented a lecture on Technology, Media and Children's Rights... Read More

‘Education for Democratic Citizenship Conference’

On Friday the 14th of September, the Conference ‘Education, Democracy and Citizenship' was held at Magill Campus. This event was proudly supported by the Hawke EU Centre for Mobilities, Migrations and Cultural Transformations, and the School of Education, focusing on the theme of 'Learning to live in culturally diverse societies'... Read More

Book Launch: 'Jesus, his Mother, her sister Mary and Mary Magdalene' by Robert Crotty

On Friday the 19th August Emeritus Professor Robert Crotty launced his latest book 'Jesus, his Mother, her sister Mary and Mary Magdalene'  ... Read More

‘UniSA’s 25th Birthday Celebration!’

On Friday the 12th of August the School of Education's staff and students celebrated UniSA's 25th Birthday... Read More

‘Another square in the quilt: Changing the discourse of women's work’

Presented by Professor Wendy Patton from Queensland University of Technology, this presentation reviewed research presented in three books, each one focusing on women’s career development. The first was a collection of international studies... Read More

Aligning Ontology, Context and Need in a Professional Learning Model in Creative Body-based Pedagogy: Research challenges and opportunities

Presented by Assistant Prof Katie Dawson and Dr Stephanie Cawthon, this interactive lecture examined how DFS uses a contextually responsive research approach in each of its local, national and international school site partnerships.... Read More

'Indigenous Research Epistemology and Ethics'

Presented by Professor Irabinna Rigney, this seminar introduced methodological and epistemological considerations related to Indigenous knowledge’s and their choices of scientific research method preferences... Read More

‘Developing insights into learning – What can learning analytics offer?’

The high growth in adoption of education technologies such as learning management systems (LMS) across the education sector has resulted in alternate and more accessible data on learning and teaching practice... Read More

‘I can talk to the world'
Applying a meta-language toolkit for critical social literacies

This presentation reported on the work of teachers and students in an urban multicultural high school as they apply their growing knowledge of semiotic functions and forms to access, deconstruct and transform discourses of power in the academic and civic domain... Read More

'What makes education in Korea unique'

South Korea made a remarkable economic development in 30 years after the Korean war; the changes heavily impacted on almost every aspect of education in Korea. The presentation covers two topics: (a) strengths & weakness of elementary education in Korea and (b) current status of special education in Korea... Read More

Research Methodology Workshop 'Critical Policy Sociology'

Critical policy sociology studies: provocations and frontiers, the aim of this workshop is to provide a space to consider the methodology, critical policy sociology and especially related to research in education.  Read More


Power and Pedagogy in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education- why families and communities matter in pursuing educational justice

Remote education policy currently focusses on Closing the Gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and other students on measure of attendance and NAPLAN (National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy) scores among other data collected such as student retention and school completion rates... Read More

A Curriculum for Australia?

On Friday 13 November the 2015 Centre for Research in Education (CREd) Oration and Conference was held at Magill Campus... Read more

de Lissa Oration 2015
Children’s Voices Connecting Communities

The 2015 de Lissa Oration was held on Thursday 22 October with Dr Norman Gillespie, Chief Executive of UNICEF Australia presenting a talk on 'Children's Voices Connecting Communities'...Read more

Chasing moments of truth.
Using the viva to re-vitalise assessment

On Thursday 15 October Professor Stephen Dobson, Dean and Head of School of Education, presented his inaugural lecture in Amy Wheaton Building Magill Campus...Read more

Learning to Live Together in Culturally Diverse Societies Conference

On Thursday the 8th of October the Hawke EU Centre for Mobilities, Migrations and Cultural Transformations, in collaboration with the Centre for Research in Education is convened a conference at UniSA, Magill Campus...Read More

Exploring Indigenous Literacy Learning and Social Justice Values with Preservice Teachers in APY Lands

On Friday 4th September Dr Cindy Brock and Ms Erica Sharplin presented this seminar in C1-60, Magill Campus.. Read More

Doing behaviour well in schools: Insights from a South Australian study

On Friday 21st of August, Dr Anna Sullivan, Professor Bruce Johnson and Mr Bill Lucas presented in H1-44, Magill Campus.. Read More

Aboriginal Education Matters! Australia's Choice

On Wednesday 12th August Professor Lester-Irabinna Rigney presented his inaugural lecture at the Hawke building City West Campus... Read More 

 Memories of eucalyptus

On Friday the 26th of June, Associate Professor Sally Lamping from Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio presented the seminar at Magill Campus.Read More 

From Squeezing to Scanning

On Thursday the 4th of June, Professor Bernadette Baker from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, presented the seminar at Magill Campus. Read More

Aboriginal Futures and Digital Excellence: Attending the digital divide in Aboriginal Australian Communities that effect Youth schooling

On Friday 29th May Professor Lester-Irabinna Rigney for University of South Australia, presented the seminar at Magill Campus. Read More

Social Diversity within Multiliteracies: Complexity in Teaching and Learning

On Friday 1st of May Dr Fenice Boyd from University of Buffalo, USA and Dr Cindy Brock, University of South Australia held an informal discussion at Magill Campus. Read More

STEM Education and 21st century learners

Professor Tanya Monro, Professor Russell Tytler and Associate Professor Judy Anderson were guest speakers at our 21st Century STEM research Seminar on. Read More

What is education for in a remote school and community?

Presented by John Guenther. For those who have been through the compulsory education system in Australia and are now training to be teachers... Read More

A Soul for Australia? Reading Fosco Antonio’s My Reality

A Soul for Australia? Reading Fosco Antonio's ‘My Reality’ is a collection of essays written in response to Fosco Antonio’s book entitled My Reality.... Read More


CREd Oration 2014: ‘Educating the Nation about human rights’

Presented by Dr Tim Soutphommasane, Race Discrimination Commissioner of Australia. As well as touching on contemporary debates about patriotism, this ... Read More

de Lissa Oration 2014: ‘Paradise Lost and Gained: “Capturing” the Voice of the Child in the 21st Century’

Presented by Professor Stephen Dobson, Dean and Head of School of Education. By all accounts we live in the epoch of the participatory child even ... Read More

Children as Citizens Book Launch: ‘Engaging with the child’s voice in educational settings’

Written by Professor Pauline Harris and Mr Harray Manatakis, this book discusses how consultations with young children could signal a change of thinking... Read More 

Behaviour in Australian Schools Summit: Current trends and possibilities

This summit raised the profile of children and their rights as students in schools. It was an innovative, provocative and question-raising forum which... Read More

The Journal of Educational Enquiry launches their latest edition

The Journal of Educational Enquiry is a peer reviewed open access journal produced by the Centre for Research in Education (CREd) at the University of... Read More

Teaching with Spirit Book Launch: ‘Teaching with Spirit: New perspectives on Steiner Education in Australia’

An edited collection of stories, experiences, reflections and analysis representing innovation, creativity, passion and enthusiasm from the rich field... Read More

Effects of NAPLAN on school communities

Presented by Education Academics, this event focused upon mandated literacy assessment and the reorganisation of teachers’ work and thinking through...Read More 

Publishing Books and Scholarly Papers: Suggestions and insights

Presented by Education Academics, this event focused upon publishing in (Leading) Educational Journals and authoring successful scholarly books...Read More

Promotion of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Young People

Presented by the University of South Australia’s Centre for Research in Education Wellbeing Research Group in association with the Collaborative Resea...Read More