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Study Journalism at the University of South Australia

Perhaps you have a flair for writing, a desire to be in front of the camera, or a creative and inquisitive mind. If so, a degree in Communication will support and develop these qualities.

The vibrant world of communications is constantly evolving, which has resulted in the creation of many new and interesting career opportunities. To cater for this dynamic and highly specialised field, UniSA has broadened its program structure to enable students to choose a path that meets their specific needs.

Journalists play a vital role in society. They gather information from a diverse range of sources, and present this information in newspapers, on radio and television as well as online.

Journalism offers opportunities to cover important and sometimes dramatic events. It provides possibilities for experiences not encountered in other professions and offers many challenges.

UniSA offers the only Journalism program in South Australia. The program aims to provide practical knowledge and theoretical understanding of journalism in preparation for professional practice. Students have the opportunity to develop skills in print, broadcast and digital journalism and an understanding of major issues facing the working journalist, and to prepare for work in the media. Key areas of focus include information gathering, writing techniques, presentation of news stories for print, broadcast and online media, print and broadcast production, law and ethics.

Being a journalist involves a variety of activities, from reporting and sub-editing to working as editors, producers, newsreaders and foreign correspondents.     

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Study Journalism at UniSA

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Natika Palka

Natika Palka
Bachelor of Journalism 
Employment – Journalist, Weekender Herald

‘This program combines both theory and practice so students can experience a traditional academic environment, whilst also gaining skills to take into the workplace. I have enjoyed discussing journalism theory and ethics, and developing my practical skills – for example producing my own television news story and working live-on-air at Radio Adelaide.'

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