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Read about some of the research being undertaken by CP3 members

Dr Amelia Walker contributed a piece to The Conversation, ‘Stories for hyperlinked times: the short story cycle and Rebekah Clarkson’s Barking Dogs’, October 2019.

Dr Rosie Roberts launched her book, Rosie RobertsOngoing Mobility Trajectories: Lived Experiences of Global Migration on 12 September. Rosie’s book explores the complex category of the ‘skilled migrant,’ drawing on multi-sited narrative interviews with migrants who have all lived in Australia at some point in their lives, Sept 2019.

L-R Dr Shanthi Robertson (WSU), Dr Rosie Roberts, Professor Susan Luckman


Adjunct Prof John Stratton contributed to an article titled ‘Approaching Doom’ in UniSA’s Enterprise Magazine, Aug 2019.

'It's dog eat dog': Creatives find permanent work hard to come by'. Professor Justin O'Connor speak to The Sydney Morning Herald, Aug 2019.

Prof Susan Luckman and Prof Stephanie Taylor (The Open University, UK) have been announced as the Series Editors for a new collection to be published by Palgrave Macmillan, Creative Working Lives. This new series explores worker experience and working lives in the global sector of the cultural and creative industries. There are rising numbers of graduates, trainees and aspirants to creative work, yet the employment available to them is increasingly precarious and complex. To address this complexity, the Creative Working Lives series presents theoretical contributions and original research from across multiple disciplines, including media and cultural studies, gender studies, social psychology and sociology, politics, labour studies, cultural policy studies, anthropology, art and design, and interdisciplinary research.  If you would like to submit a proposal for this series, please contact Susan.Luckman@unisa.edu.au. The editors welcome proposals for monographs and edited collections. The editors are happy to discuss ideas for proposals at an early stage and to provide feedback to assist development, Aug 2019.

Ben Stubbs'A travel writer has documented his trip across our great state to give an outsider’s view and investigate a few myths about South Australia' . Dr Ben Stubbs was interviewed by Channel 9 News Adelaide about his book The Crow Eaters

See the interview here, Aug 2019 .




Language of leaving: Brexit, war and cultural trauma. The National Tribune reports on research by Adjunct Professor Jon Stratton, examining the similarities between the wartime rhetoric of Winston Churchill and the language used by Boris Johnson and other UK politicians who campaigned for Brexit, July 2019.

The one peculiarity about South AussiesDr Ben Stubbs wrote an article for the Adelaide Advertiser's SA Weekend magazine exploring his motivations for writing his latest book, July 2019.

Federal Election 2019: In the social media age, where do we set the bar for politicians? Dr Collette Snowden was featured in a story about social media and politics during the recent Federal election, May 2019.

Dr Stuart Richards critiqued new film Top End Wedding for the Conversation, noting director Wayne Blair (The Sapphires) has managed to achieve “a unique Australian story with a genuine, emotional payoff for its audience”, April 2019. 

Dr Stuart Richards wrote a Conversation piece in praise of the new Barry Jenkins film, If Beale St Could Talk. Based on James Baldwin’s novel of the same name, the film sees a young African American woman go through pregnancy as her fiancé is convicted of rape and sent to prison; a crime he did not commit. Feb 2019.

'Podcast popularity fuelling radio revival''. Sky News reported on the surge in popularity for podcasts has seen fresh interest in the radio format. Dr Heather Anderson told the outlet more than 3 million Australians listen to podcasts on a regular basis, with 20 per cent of that figure considered 'new' listeners, Feb 2019.

In an article about the debate over the date of Australia Day, Dr Collette Snowden noted the difficulties associated with social media exchanges on the subject. 'Social media debates on politics quickly devolve into binary positions, between which repetitive messages bounce back and forth, often without resolution', Jan 2019.

Dr Ben Stubbs added comments to a Sunday Mail feature, ‘Chasing Dreams of a Brave New world’, published on 9 December 2018. The article explored the late 19th century social experiment that saw a group of Australians attempt to set up a utopian community in Paraguay. Ben has previously published a book on the subject, titled Ticket to Paradise: A Journey to Find the Australian Colony in Paraguay Among Nazis, Mennonites and Japanese Beekeepers. The article was syndicated to seven other national outlets, Dec 2018.

Dr Saige Walton contributed a festival report to ‘#Youmustsee: the 2018 Adelaide International Film Festival’ to the online journal Senses of Cinema, Dec 2018.