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An internship student will work within your organisation for a minimum of 80 hours. Internships are generally unpaid with working days and hours negotiable between the student and the organisation.

Students should be supervised by, and have a mentoring-style relationship with a senior person who has a skill set relevant to that of the particular student. The supervisor must be available during the internship working hours on a daily basis for guidance as well as regular feedback.

Tasks given to students should be meaningful and appropriate to their level of skill (ideally equivalent to graduate level position). Administration and non-relevant tasks should be kept to no more than 10% of the entire duration of the internship.

For further information and to see if your organisation fits the university’s requirements, please review criteria below.

Organisations wishing to express their interest in hosting a UniSA intern should register their interest here

Criteria for hosting an intern

  • Provision of a supervisor with relevant 5+ years experience and/or qualifications; or at the discretion of the university
  • Allocation of relevant and meaningful tasks / projects appropriate to the skills and experience of the intern. No more than 10% clerical or non-related tasks
  • Appropriate workload for the intern for the period of the internship (80 hours minimum)
  • Ability to provide guidance and advice in the form of verbal, instantaneous feedback as well as at least 2 or more formal feedback sessions
  • Provision of a working environment which is conducive to developing the intern’s knowledge of the profession in an organisation with an appropriate level of activity in the relevant discipline.
  • Opportunities for the intern to observe or take place in meetings, seminars and training sessions being conducted by other members of the team (desirable).
  • Provision of appropriate work facilities such as desk, pc etc
  • In addition to the above, meeting the general WHS requirements and guidelines for internships