Higher Degree Research Students

The School of Creative Industries has one of the largest cohorts of PhD students in the university.  Students are provided with a supportive environment allowing them to experience the diversity of research being carried out and to be part of the rich research culture of the University of South Australia.

Creative and Cultural Studies (cultural studies, creative writing, performing arts, music, film studies)

Megan Alm
Matters of the heART: Examining the impact of artistic encounters on psychological wellbeing
Supervisors:  Dr Saige Walton, Dr Kathleen Connellan

Julie Cartlidge
You're not one of those vegans, are you? veganism, identity and cultural belonging
Supervisors: AsPr Peter Gale, Dr Katrina Jaworski

Kristen Coleman
An Insterstitial Space: Approaching Appropriation, Integration and Memory through the Cinematic Landscape
Supervisors: Dr Saige Walton, Dr Naomi Merritt, Mr Michael Parry

Matthew Constable
Understanding the individual in a fractured postmodern society through examination of micronations
Supervisors: Dr Ioana Petrescu, AsPr Brad West

Timothy Coventry                                          
The agency of waste
Supervisors:  Dr Katrina Jaworski, Dr Rodney Fopp

Doreen Donovan
A desire for less: community notions of sustainable consumption
Supervisors: Dr Lia Bryant, Dr Vicki Crowley

Thomas Drechsler-Savage
Australian cinematic urbanism: mapping Australian cities through a study of national cinema
Supervisors:  Dr Saige Walton, Dr Katrina Jaworski

Victoria Fielding  
A modern political narrative for the Australian trade union movement
Supervisors:  AsPr Collette Snowden, Dr Keira Lindsey

Heidrun Hetz
Healing trauma through language and communication. Overcoming silence caused by social norms around trauma and suffering as a barrier to successful recovery
Supervisors: Dr David Radford, Prof Elisabeth Porter

Jackson Hoult
Feeling bad in the cinema: negative moods in genre cinema
Supervisors: Dr Saige Walton, Prof Jason Bainbridge, Mr Michael Parry

Victor Krawczyk
Human - animal relations in organisations, identifying discourses for respectful engagements with animals
Supervisors: Dr Monica Anne Hamilton-Bruce, Dr Gilbert Caluya

Arunamarie Manuelrayan
In our mothers' sarees
Supervisors: Dr Tangikina Steen; Dr Peter Gale

Jessica Pacella
Trading traveller's tales: Performing knowledge exchange in the space of backpackers hostels
Supervisors: Dr Susan Luckman, AsPr Geraldine Bloustien

John Pike
Videogames as a childish cultural practice
Supervisors: AsPr Susan Luckman, Dr Jodie George

Ellen Scott 
Discourses of health in the vegan movement
Supervisors:  AsPr Brad West, Dr Katrina Jaworski

Tamika Sharrad
Taking the Heat: Applying a gendered analysis to the Australian Fire Service culture
Supervisors:  Dr Brad West, Dr Michelle Tuckey

Natalie Texler
Pen to paper, page to stage: the playwright's experience of creating new theatre in an Australian context
Supervisors: Dr Russell Fewster, Dr Michele de Courcy

Judith Timoney
Scholarly editing and the geopolitics of scholarly editing
Supervisors: Dr Ioana Petrescu, Dr Brad West

Naomi Tootell
Cross-cultural collaborations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists in contemporary Australia
Supervisors:  AsPr Peter Gale, Dr Mary Knights

Philip van Hout
Life in sound a study on how we hear and respond to Adelaide's (and extended around south Australia) sonic geography as a sound place
Supervisors: Dr Vicki Crowley, Dr Daniela Kaleva

Toni Walsh
Of closure and catharsis: Navigating narratives of loss through multi-modal storytelling practice
Prof Jason Bainbridge

Tamara Waraschinski
The necrophile self: or contemporary attitudes towards death and its new visibililty
Supervisors: Prof Anthony Elliott

James Wilson
Gamifying computer animation: using game design techniques and technology to teach 3D polygon modelling
Supervisors: Dr Russell Fewster, Dr Josh McCarthy                                       

Stephanie Wotzke
An analysis and application of literary devices - their implementation and effectiveness in writing a contemporary utopian/dystopian novel that reflects and comments on social and cultural changes.
Dr Christopher Hogarth, Dr Sue Page

Languages and Cultural Diversity (linguistics and languages)

Condro Alim
Linguistics and cultural competencies of Indonesian students in translation
Supervisors: Prof Tony Liddicoat, Dr Michelle Kohler 

Dashielle Allain
Investigating the lived experience of African youth in South Australian education. New beginnings in an interlinguistic and intercultural world
AsPr Angela Scarino, Dr Fiona O'Neill

Janet Armitage
Successes and challenges to language shift from 'orate' to 'literate' language use amongst nomadic oral language groups
Supervisors: Prof Tony Liddicoat, Dr Kathleen Heugh

Necia Billinghurst
Can letting students use all their language capabilities in a temporarily borderless manner (translanguaging) lead to more socially equal (horizontal) and socially mobile (vertical) linguistic compete
AsPr Kathleen Heugh,

David Blaiklock
Image making: towards an understanding of expertise in illustration design practice 
Supervisors: Dr Jonathan Crichton, Mr Greg Donovan

Chantel Bongiovanni
Navigating disclosure: A narrative study
Supervisors: Dr Jonathan Crichton 

Josephine Carzo
Dr Christopher Hogarth, Dr Ioana Petrescu
Investigating the lived experience of African youth in South Australian education. New beginnings in an interlinguistic and intercultural world

Carmen de Miguel
Assessment of intercultural understanding in languages teaching and learning: the case of Spanish ab initio in the International Baccalaureate (IB)
Supervisors:  AsPr Angela Scarino, Prof Tony Liddicoat, Dr Rebecca Hamer

Ibrahim Gaylan
Pragmatic competence in English as a foreign language: A study of Kurdish senior learners' politeness
Supervisors: Prof Tony Liddicoat, Dr Tim Curnow

Kim Tomlian
Best interests of the child: The interaction of discourses of different professionals in the context of child protection cases heard in the Youth Court of South Australia
Dr Jonathan Crichton, Prof Kurt Lushington, Dr Sara McLean

Simone Genovese
Analysis of discourse of Anglophone university students in British Columbia Quebec and New Brunswick on language policy and planning in Canada and its provinces
Supervisors: Prof Tony Liddicoat, Dr Ibrahima Diallo   

Yuwei Gou
Female consciousness in Anne Enright's novels Irish women's identity in contemporary Ireland
Supervisors: Dr Christopher Hogarth, Dr Katrina Jaworski, Dr Natalie Edwards

Kazuhiko Hagiwara
Affordance for learning developed through ecological semiosis in suggestopedia
Supervisors: Dr Enza Tudini, Dr Reiko Yoshida, Prof Tony Liddicoat 

Lyndal Hordacre Kobayashi
The monolingual speaker: a creative approach examining the 'linguistic self' of English-speaking monolinguals in twenty-first century Australia.
Supervisors: AsPr Angela Scarino, Dr Fiona O'Neill

Nur Hafezah Hussein
Motivation and attitude in learning English as a second language: influence of gender among first year Malaysian university students
Supervisors: Prof Tony Liddicoat, Dr Tim Curnow

Rosanna Kelly
Teaching foreign language conversation in the virtual classroom: interactional and pedagogical considerations
Supervisor:  Dr Enza Tudini, Dr Sasikala Nallaya

Xuan Li
Investigation of language learning and teaching conditions that would support Chinese-English bilingual education in South Australia
Supervisors:  AsPr Kathleen Heugh, AsPr Angela Scarino

Kerrilee Lockyer
Accomplishing internal branding in a multinational corporation: a study of intercultural communication
Supervisors:  Dr Jonathan Crichton, Prof Tony Liddicoat

Jane Mahar
Lucarelli and the contemporary 'giallo' through a post-colonial lens
Supervisors:  Dr Christopher Hogarth, Dr Enza Tudini, Dr Natalie Edwards

Simone Marino
The construction and transmission of ethnic identity among a group of Calabrian - Australian living in Adelaide
Supervisors:  AsPr Angela Scarino, Dr Giancarlo Chiro, Prof Loretta Baldassar

Ameneh Mohaghegh
Critical discourse analysis of English translations of controversial quranic verses about non-Muslims and women
Supervisors: Prof Tony Liddicoat, Dr Tim Curnow

Keiko Nakao
Intercultural assessment task in a beginner's Japanese language course
Supervisors: Prof Tony Liddicoat, Dr Reiko Yoshida, Ms Akiko Tomita

Alyssa Pearce
Investigating language ideologies and their influence on foreign language policies in South Australian high schools
Prof Tony Liddicoat, AsPr Angela Scarino

Jamillah Shaari
Intercultural sensitivity: a case study of the intercultural ecology of a public university in Malaysia
Supervisors:  Dr Giancarlo Chiro, Dr Shamsul Khan

Yukiko Saito
The relationship between teachers' conceptions of culture and their practices in the classroom learning of Japanese
Supervisors: AsPr Angela Scarino, Dr Giancarlo Chiro

Kim Tomlian
Best interests of the child: The interaction of discourses of different professionals in the context of child protection cases heard in the Youth Court of South Australia
Supervisors: Dr Jonathan Crichton, Dr Sara McLean, Prof Kurt Lushington

Jen Zhao
The interpretation of communication contexts; a study of assessor mediation of oral language assessment interviews in the language, literacy and numeracy program
Supervisors: AsPr Angela Scarino, Dr Jonathan Crichton

Mediated Environments (journalism, communication, media arts)

Lindsley Abadia
A model for electronic learning utilising web 2.0 technologies
Supervisors: Dr Alan Barnes, Dr Denise Wood

Fae Heaselgrave
Motherhood in a digital age: the interplay of digital media and motherhood in the South Australian home
Dr Brad West, Dr Collette Snowden

Catherine Son
The role of technology in framing and agenda setting in contemporary Australia media: reporting the Port Arthur massacre and Lindt cafe siege
Supervisors:  Dr Collette Snowden, Prof Kerry Green

Sharon Smith
Trauma on the road: mapping the risk and impact of traumatic assignments on journalists in Australia
Proof Kerry Green, Dr Patrizia Furlan

Societal and Political Transformations (international relations, politics, sociology)

Sebastian Brooke
A nation changed? Post tsunami (re)presentations of national identity in Japanese television
Supervisors: Dr Brad West

Richard Brown
Identity issues for Kazakh Christians converted from a Muslim background in Kazakhstan.
Dr David Radford, Dr  Brad West, Dr Rodney Fopp, Brian Hill

Susan Dewis
Breaking the cycle of chronic homelessness: analysing and acknowledging the powerful bond betweeen Humans and their Companion Animals
Supervisors: Prof Adrian Franklin, Dr Katrina Jaworski

Susan Dobson
Evaluating democratization and post-conflict statebuilding in Rwanda, 1994-2012
Supervisors: Dr Daniel Biro, Prof Elisabeth Porter

Jade Evans
Robert Kennedy and the 1960 campaign
Supervisors: Dr David Lundberg, Dr Rodney Fopp 

Danielle Iannella
The uses of scenario thinking and planning in counter terrorism policy making
Supervisors: Dr David Lundberg, Dr Rodney Fopp

Muhammed Kotan
A genealogy of the umma
Supervisors: Dr Shamsul Khan, Dr Uzma Jamil

Daniel Kuzmanovski 
Stigma of irresponsibility: a sociological exploration of housing responsibility within Australian policy and discourse
Supervisors: Dr Rodney Fopp, Dr Harry Savelsberg

Leandrit Mehmeti
European Union integration and western Balkan regional collective security
Supervisors: Dr David Lundberg, Dr Rodney Fopp

Simone Marangon
Unwanted attention: women, low-level harassment and public transport
Supervisors: Dr Katrina Jaworski, AsPr Lia Bryant, Dr Rosie Roberts

Sivasegaran Nadarajan
Balanced or negative reciprocity? prognosticating Malaysia's trade relations with China form Malaysian perspective
Supervisors: Dr Shamsul Khan, AsPr Evelyn Devadason, Dr Giancarlo Chiro

Jamillah Shaari
Foreign academics in local universities in Malaysia: The matter of being intercultural competent communicator
Supervisors: Dr Shamsul Khan, Dr Giancarlo Chiro

Mohammed Sulaiman
"The Muslims we don't like": continued coloniality and the shifting constructions of Islamism during the war on terror and the Arab uprisings
Supervisors:  Dr Nahid Kabir, Prof Elisabeth Porter

Paris Thanawathik
Malay-Muslim and Thai elites in the southern conflict
Supervisors: Dr Adam Simpson, AsPr Robert Hattam

Md. Abdul Wohab
A contestation over identity / national identity in Bangladesh: religious or secular
Supervisors: Dr Shamsul Khan, Dr Nahid Afrose Kabir


Areas of study and research

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