Higher Degree Research Completions

Solikhah Yuliatiningtyas
Study analysis the critical discourse about political campaign strategy of president candidates passing online media in Indonesia
Supervisors: Dr David Lundberg, Prof Kerry Green

To give you an idea of the wide range of research education projects undetaken in the School, here are the students who have finished a reserach degree in the School, arranged in the areas of:

Creative and Cultural Studies (cultural studies, creative writing, performing arts, music, film studies)

Dr Catherine Adamek | Supervisors: AsPr Geraldine Bloustien, Dr Susan Luckman
Adelaide dance music culture late 80s early 90s

Dr Shaughney Aston | Supervisors: Dr Vicki Crowley; Dr Jenny Barnett
Addict, woman, rural: a predicament of culture

Dr Melanie Baak | Supervisors: AsPr Robert Hattam; Dr Vicki Crowley
Negotiating belongings: the haunted journeys of Diäärjäng

Dr Simon Behenna | Supervisors: Dr Joylene Chia; AsPr Margaret Peters
Writing to the new: innovative communication strategies of a multi-campus university

Dr Helen Benzie | Supervisors: Dr Jacqueline Cook; Dr Jane Hiscock
Critical transitions: preparation and commencement experiences of international postgraduate coursework students at an Australian university

Dr Carolyn Bilsborow | Supervisors: Dr Denise Wood; Dr Susan Luckman; Mr Michael Carroll
Inside the screen: engaging the contemporary documentary audience

Dr Paul Burger | Supervisors: Dr Paul Skrebels; Dr Ioana Petrescu
Beachcombing knowledge: literary production in an age of digital technology

Dr Cecil Camilleri | Supervisors:  Prof Susan Luckman; Dr Jackie Cook
Sensemaking and sensegiving in communicating business sustainability

Dr Stephen Carthew | Supervisors: Dr Jacqueline Cook; Dr Vicki Crowley
A world within a world within 'the world': the origins of the Universal Brotherhood, an Australian countercultural, back-to-the-land, New Age, alternative society and new religious movement community 

Dr Richard Chew | Supervisors:  Claire Woods; Peter Bishop; Clayton MacKenzie
Journey to the Bridge: A composer's progress through the landscapes of memory 

Dr Sheelagh Daniels-Mayes | Supervisors:  AsPr Robert Hattam, Dr Peter Gale
Culturally responsive pedagogy for Australian Aboriginal secondary students in mainstream education: looking for the rainbows inside theirs heads

Dr Dianne De Bellis| Supervisors:  Dr Paul Skrebels; Dr Brad West
Stories of Australian deserters in World War 1

Dr Alice Dodd | Supervisors:  Dr Collette Snowden; Ms Deirdre Tedmanson
We don't need bells and whistles: An analysis of website use by third sector organisations

Dr Alex Dunkin | Supisors: Dr Enza Tudini, Dr Ioana Petrescu
Expanding cannibale satirical writing into the Australian cultural space

Dr Kathleen Eccles | Dr Peter Gale, Dr Betsy Higgins Desbiolles, Dr Damien Jacobsen
Building resilience through connection: An exploration of networking in remote aboriginal tourism enterprises

Dr Cameron Fuller | Supervisors: Dr Ioana Petrescu; Dr Vicki Crowley
Engaging language: the productive interactions between lyricism and experimentation in a post-language poetry context

Dr Linda Ghys |Supervisors: Dr Katrina Jaworski, Dr Tangikina Steen
Tell me a story: The mythologising of Pasifika youth gangs in print media

Dr Natalie Harkin | Supervisors: AsPr Jodie George, Dr Peter Gale, Dr Teri Hoskin, Dr Julie Gough
'I weave back to you' - Archival-Poetics for the Record

Dr Amal Hanna | Supervisors: Dr Denise Wood; Dr Jacqueline Cook; AsPr Jacques Metzer
The impact of culture on incentives for contribution to open educational resources

Dr Martine Hawkes | Supervisor: Dr Vicki Crowley
Filtering ash: approaching genocide in the archives

Clementine Hill | Supervisors: Dr Susan Luckman, Ms Michelle Phillipov 
We are all alone together: The story of emo-deprecation is a web 2.0 world

Dr Kathryn Hummel | Supervisors: Prof Claire Woods; Dr Paul Skrebels
The women alone: details of Bangladesh life and adda

Dr Sulaiman Jalloh | Supervisors: Dr Jacqueline Cook; Prof Kerry Green; AsPr Peter Bishop
Reversing the North-South flow - viewing Al Jazeera's talk show The Opposite Direction with Arab-Islamic diasporic audiences in Australia

Dr Belinda Johnson | Supervisors: AsPr Sara Charlesworth, Prof Suzanne Franzway
Fashioning self and working life in precarious times: Understanding the intersection of work, gender, lifestyle and imagined career through the experience of young women

Dr Carolyn Jones | Supervisors: Dr Sue Page; Dr Jane Elizabeth Hiscock
"It isn't really about the book": exploring the significance of membership in three South Australian female-only book discussion groups

Dr Mark Keough | Supervisors: Dr Jacqueline Cook; AsPr Michael Galvin
Toward learning utility: the evolution of online learning as a network utility in industry settings

Dr Sally Lewis | Supervisors: Dr Jacqueline Cook; Dr Collette Snowden
Public communication and tertiary education choice

Dr Philip Marriott | Supervisors: Prof Claire Woods; Dr Jacqueline Cook
The evolution of eLearning and community engagement, 1992-2010: the emerging role of the online developer, designer and researcher

Dr Kate Mirandilla | Supervisors: Dr Joylene Chia; AsPr Margaret Peters
Sensemaking of public relations in organisational crisis decision-making

Dr Pablo Muslera | Prof Clayton MacKenzie, Dr Jodie George
From the 'blasted heath' to Belle and Sebastian: Macbeth as modern myth

Dr Mehrudin Murtic | Supervisors: AsPr Robert Hattam; Dr Daniela Kaleva; Dr Adrian Guthrie
As seen in the movies: towards a cosmopolitan imagining of post-Yugoslavia

Dr Michael Noble | Supervisors:  Prof Clayton MacKenzie, Dr Jodie George
Biographical novel the hermatic philosophy of Nicholas Culpeper 1616-1654

Dr Rebecca Neil | Supervisors:  Prof Denise Woods; AsPr Geraldine Bloustien
Mothering in Australian network society 2006-2013: a longitudinal critical systems inquiry

Dr Roy Neill | Supervisors:  Dr Nigel Starck; Dr Christopher Hogarth
Voices in the vines/peeling the layers: Exploring hybrid ethnography 

Dr Xuan Nighiem | Supervisors:  Dr John Foster; Dr Monica Behrend
Impacts of academic culture on information literacy development in higher education in Vietnam

Dr Scott Nisbet | Supervisors:  Professor Clayton MacKenzie; Dr Jodie George
A million possible worlds: a study of the alternative history model

Dr Rafael Oei | Supervisors: Dr Jackie Cook
Restructuring the organisation and communication structures of radio production and management systems to produce content that utilises the potential in multimedia digital broadcast and transmission carriers

Dr Paul Oldham | Supervisors: Dr Susan Luckman, Prof Jon Stratton
Who were the sharpies? An investigation into an Australian youth subculture of the 1960s-1970s

Dr Kathryn Pentecost | Supervisors: AsPr Peter Bishop; Dr Jodie George
Selamat jalan, sampai jumpa lagi (farewell until we meet again): transcultural family stories from colonial and postcolonial Indonesia 

Dr Janet Pretsell | Supervisors:  Dr Nigel Starck; Dr Collette Snowden
Wishing upon a star: the virtues and vicissitudes of celebrity endorsement 

Dr Rosie Roberts | Supervisors:  AsPr Peter Bishop; AsPr Jean Duruz
Unfolding stories of belonging: pathways and practices of skilled mobile settlers

Dr Mohd Roslan | Supervisors: Dr Peter Gale, AsPr Brad West
Indigenous education policy making: A comparative study on participation and power among Aboriginal peoples in Australia and Orang Asli in Malaysia

Dr Anang Sujoko | Supervisors: Dr Jackie Cook; Dr Kathryn Bowd; Dr Collette Snowden
A model of civil society empowerment through community radio

Dr David Sweet
Baby boomers a photographic legacy
Supervisors: Dr Christopher Hogarth, AsPr Peter Richard Bishop, Dr Jean Margaret Duruz

Dr Loan Van | Supervisors: Dr Joylene Chia; AsPr Peter Bishop
Contemporary public relations in Vietnam: public relations challenges in a culturally different setting

Dr Amelia Walker | Supervisors: Dr Vicki Crowley, Dr Ioana Petrescu
Making (  ) happen: the poetics of everyday life

Dr Jan Wisdom| Supervisors: Dr Collette Snowden; Dr Jackie Cook
Digital or creative handshake? The discursive construction of Australian national cultural policy in the network society

Dr Helen Wolfenden | Supervisors: Dr Collette Snowden; Dr Jackie Cook; Dr Vicki Crowley
A face for radio: On-air identity in broadcasting

 Dr Marie Wood | Supervisors:  Prof Claire Woods; Dr Liz Hemphill
First school choice: an Australian study of parents' decision-making in relation to Catholic school selection

Dr Frances Wyld | Supervisors:  Dr Collette Snowden; Dr Peter Gale
In the time of Lorikeets: Storywork as an academic method

Dr Ying Xue |Supervisors: AsPr Geraldine Bloustien; Prof Alan Mayne; AsPr Brad West
The changing conceptions of time and memory in post-socialist Chinese cinema

Dr Mingrui Ye | Supervisors: Prof Kerry Green; Dr Jackie Cook
Utility drives adoption: diffusion of the internet in rural China

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Languages and Cultural Diversity (linguistics and language) 

Dr Delphie Bray
Supervisors: AsPr John Arthur Holmes, Prof Tony Liddicoat
Teacher as foreigner in an English as a foreign language classroom in Thailand

Dr Arianna Dagnino
Supervisors:  Dr Giancarlo Chiro, Dr Enza Tudini, Dr Sneja Gunew
The Istanbul Quintet: transcultural writers and transcultural novels in the age of global mobility

Dr Corinna Di Niro
Re - reinterpreting the Commedia dell'Arte for a diverse Australian audience.
Supervisors: AsPr Angela Scarino, Prof Claire Woods  

Dr  Alex Dunkin
The expansion of cannibale writing into a new cultural space: satirising Australian traditions
Supervisors: Dr Enza Tudini, Dr Ioana Petrescu

Dr Matteo Farina
Supervisors:  Dr Enza Tudini, Dr Tim Curnow
Sequence organisation of Facebook home threads

Dr Maidy Giber
Supervisors: Dr Giancarlo Chiro; Dr EnzaTudini
The influence of prior language learning experiences on English as a second language(ESL) and French as a foreign language (FLE) teachers' cultural identities

Dr Stefan Gulmanelli
Supervisors:  Dr Giancarlo Chiro, Prof Suzanne Franzway
The long journey of Australia's engagement with Asia: a national identity perspective

Dr Yusheng Huang
Supervisors: AsPr Angela Scarino; Dr Jonathan Crichton
Second language writing as a bilingual event: how Chinese-speaking students use both Chinese and English in writing in English

Dr Kumiko Katayama
Supervisors:  Prof Tony Liddicoat; AsPr Angela Scarino
Sociocultural investigation of students' use of English in the Japanese language classroom during collaborative group work

Dr Manabu Kawakatsu
Supervisors: Prof Tony Liddicoat; Dr Jonathan Crichton
Turn-endings in Japanese syntax-for-conversation

Dr Troy McConachy                                                             
Supervisors: AsPr Angela Scarino; Prof Tony Liddicoat
The development of perspectives on language and culture in a Japanese EFL classroom

Dr Muziatun
Lexical borrowing in Indonesian printed media
Supervisors: Prof Tony Liddicoat, Dr Michelle Kohler

Dr Novriyanto Napu
Supervisors: Prof Tony Liddicaot; Dr Michelle Kohler
Translation in tourism: understanding the quality of translation across multiple perspectives

Dr Nga Nguyen
Supervisors:  Prof Tony Liddicoat, Dr Tim Curnow
The pragmatic performance of discourse markers in conversation by Vietnamese learners of English across levels of proficiency 

Dr Fiona O’Neill
Supervisors:       Dr Jonathan Crichton, Prof Tony Liddicoat
Multilingual francophone professionals' experience of moving between languages and cultures: a narrative study

Dr Toan Pham
Supervisors: Prof Tony Liddicoat; Dr Tim Curnow
Interlanguage pragmatic development: expressions of gratitude under the influence of social distance

Dr Teresa Podemska-Abt
Supervisors: AsPr Angela Scarino; Dr Adam Jamrozik
Spaces of literary wor(l)ds and reality: interpretation and reception of Aboriginal literature

Dr Glenda Shopen
Supervisors: Prof Tony Liddicoat; Dr Timothy Jowan Curnow
The unfinished curriculum: curriculum change as relational and dialogic practice

Dr Nishani Singh
Supervisors: AsPr Angela Scarino; Dr Jonathan Crichton
"I am here now and I want to be part of here": a study of international students' experience of learning and teaching in higher education

Dr Ying Song
Supervisors:  Dr Kathleen Heugh, Dr Tim Curnow
The provision of English language training in IT outsourcing companies in China

Dr Jennifer Wagner
Vocabulary, variation, and culture in American university textbooks of French
Supervisors: Prof Tony Liddicoat, Dr Ibrahima Diallo

Dr Yingna Wang
Supervisors: AsPr Angela Scarino, Dr Jonathan CrichtonVoice of participants: A study of interaction in college English classroom language learning in China

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Mediated Environments (journalism, communication, media arts)

Dr Kathryn Bowd | Supervisors: Dr Ian Richards; AsPr Margaret Peters
Local voice, local choice: Australian country newspapers and notions of community

Dr Vinh Quang Bui | Supervisors:  Dr Collette Snowden, Dr Monica Behrend
Stakeholder relationship management in the context of Vietnamese private higher education institutions (VPHEIs)

Dr Alice Dodd | Supervisors: Dr Collette Snowden; Ms Deirdre Tedmanson 
Building sustainable online communities in the third sector not for profit and non-government sector

Dr Patrizia Furlan | Supervisors: AsPr Ian Richards, Prof Clayton MacKenzie
Negotiating medical news: a study of Australian medical-health journalists and their public relations sources

Dr Kristy Hess | Supervisors:  Prof Ian Richards; Dr Kathryn Bowd
Making new connections: reconceptualising Australia's small commercial newspapers and their relationship to social capital

Dr Ron Hoenig | Supervisors: AsPr Margaret Peters; Prof Ian Richards
Reading alien lips: Australian press depiction of lip sewing by asylum seekers and the construction of national identity

Dr Sharon Mascall-Dare | Supervisors:  Prof Claire Woods, Prof Kerry Green, Dr Paul Skrebels
An Australian story: media and memory in the making of Anzac Day

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Societal and Political Transformations (international relations, politics, sociology)

Dr Roma Aloisi | Supervisors: AsPr Suzanne Franzway; Ms Elaine Butler
Speaking the unspeakable. Interrogating leadership: gender-race-ethnicity in Australian Catholic education

Dr Iman Ba-Bekir | Supervisors: Dr Zai Marshallsay; Dr Giancarlo Chiro
Voices for change: an investigation on the learning experiences of Sudanese students in South Australia

Dr Snjezana Bilic | Supervisors: Prof Elisabeth Porter; AsPr Suzanne Franzway
Women's rights and cultural rights of Liberian and Afghani women in multicultural Australia

Dr Alison Elder | Supervisors: Prof Barbara Pocock; AsPr Suzanne Franzway
Working in the shadows: labouring bodies in the commercial cleaning industry

Dr Kathleen Fallon| Supervisors: Dr David Radford, AsPr Jennifer Rutherford
Hidden in full view - Negotiating post-colonial public remembrance: The Australian South Sea Islanders and their strategies of cultural and political survival since 1980

Dr Rupa Ghosh | Supervisors:      Dr Katrina Jaworski, Dr Monica Behrend,
                                                             Prof Thomas Mical
The framing of the agency of India's reproductive subjects

Dr Sarah Hattam | Supervisors:  Suzanne Franzway; Elisabeth Porter
Motherhood, equality and the state: the possibilities and limitations of the Australian Human Rights Commission 

Dr Rita Horanyi | Supervisors: Dr David Radford, AsPr Jennifer Rutherford
Melancholy in Hungarian literature under socialism

Dr Louise Hynes | Supervisors: Dr Jean Duruz, AsPr Suzanne Franzway
Moving Home: older women speak on changing expectations and experiences of 'home' in an ageing Australian society

Dr Monica Jesus Clara | Supervisors: Prof Rhonda Sharp; AsPr Siobhan Austen; Adj/Prof Marian Sawer
Gender equality, economic policy and state resilience in the new state of Timor-Leste

Dr Gretta Koch | Supervisors:  Peter Bishop; Suzanne Franzway
Living Buddhism: negotiating practice, meaning and identity in contemporary Australia

Dr Irene Limberis | Supervisors: Dr Zai Marshallsay; Dr David Lundberg
Tertius Gaudens: diplomacy and news media: the case of Australia, Malaysia and the news media from 1985 - 1993

Dr Owen Lindsay | Supervisors: Prof Elisabeth Porter; Dr Dave Chapman
Discourses of the nation-state: The Japanese Self, North Korean Other and policy practice

Kurt Lux | Supervisors:  David Lundberg; Zai Marshallsay
An examination of the influence of mythology on the Jewish and Palestinian narratives and its effect on Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations

Dr William McGinley | Supervisors: Dr Terry O'Callaghan; Dr Daniel Biro; Dr Vlado Vivoda
The micro-macro problem in international relations theory

Dr Rebecca Neill | Supervisors:  Prof Denise Woods; AsPr Geraldine Bloustien
Mothering in Australian network society 2006-2013: a longitudinal critical systems inquiry

Dr Philip Paasuke |  Supervisors:  David Lundberg; Rodney Fopp
Business influence and the domestic policies of the Carter administration (1977-81)

Dr Stephen Parker | Supervisors: Prof Elisabeth Porter; Dr Rodney Fopp
Theorising human rights: foundations and their influence

Dr Min Pham | Supervisors: Dr Terry O'Callaghan; Dr Daniel Biro
Energy security and the rise of China: towards a new theoretical framework for analysis

Dr Amanda Schiller | Supervisors: Prof Elisabeth Porter; Dr Adam Simpson
Can foreign aid be an instrument of counter-terrorism? Exploring Australian aid to Indonesia

Elena Spasovska | Supervisors: Prof Elisabeth Porter, Dr Snjezana Bilic
Women's organisation and sustainable peace within ethnically mixed communities in Macedonia

Dr Clifford Tswai | Supervisors: Prof Davinder Pal Ahluwalia; Prof Elisabeth Porter
South Africa's truth and reconciliation commission: exploring a hybrid ubunta Christian theology

Dr Pearl Panickar | Supervisors: Prof Rhonda Sharp; AsPr Suzanne Franzway; AsPr Jo Caust
Understanding cultural production for sustainability and diversity: the case of the popular music industry

Dr Karen Sinclair  | Supervisors:  Dr Peter Gale, Prof Lester Rigney
Educators' understandings and perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural competence: a mixed methods study

Dr Elena Spasovska | Supervisors: Prof Elisabeth Porter, Dr Snjezana Bilic, Dr Anuradha Mundkur
The role of women's non-government organisations in building peace in the Republic of Macedonia 

Dr Elizabeth Trickett | Supervisors: Dr Rodney Fopp; Dr Sarah Mott
Community attitudes to homelessness experienced by women in a rural region of South Australia

Dr Andrea Velardi | Supervisors:  Dr Peter Gale, Dr Julie Fenley,  Prof Andrew Gunstone
The Howard Government's Northern Territory emergency response: racialised discourse and representations of Indigenous communities and culture

Dr Moira Walsh | Supervisors: AsPr Suzanne Franzway; Prof Barbara Pocock
Navigating the discursive terrain of parenting and equality: equality and parenting

Dr Helen Walton | Supervisors: Prof Suzanne Franzway, Prof Barbara Pocock
Sole motherhood in contemporary Australia

Dr Lei Yu
Supervisors |  Dr Shamsul Khan, Dr Giancarlo Chiro, Prof Mobo Gao
A special Sino-Australian relationship? Contending Chinese perspectives

Solikhah Yuliatiningtyas | Supervisors: Dr David Lundberg, Prof Kerry Green
Study analysis the critical discourse about political campaign strategy of president candidates passing online media in Indonesia

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