Vacation Research Scholarships

Are you an undergraduate student curious about research?

Do you want to find out whether doing research in your field of study is your future career direction?

If you are in your second, third or honours year and have a strong academic record, a Vacation Research Scholarship may be for you.

The aims of the vacation research scholarship are to:

  • encourage outstanding UniSA students who may be interested in exploring or wish to pursue a higher degree by research
  • provide the platform to learn about the principles and practices of undertaking research
  • stimulate students’ interest in research and to interact with students and staff who are actively involved in research
  • gauge the research aptitude of the successful applicants

The scholarships give you the opportunity to earn $300 a week undertaking research for up to 8 weeks with experiences UniSA researchers between December and February. The scholarships are offered annually, and applications close 17 September 2017.

How do I apply?

For more information about the scholarships and how to apply click here.

You must contact the project supervisor to discuss the project prior to submitting your application. The project supervisor is required to provide a supporting statement and approve your application. Applications will not be accepted without the approval of the project supervisor.

Vacation Research Project Descriptions

School of Art, Architecture & Design


Project Title

Project Description

VR, AR and interactive media integration Creative Computing Studio

Project Summary: Project Summary: We are seeking one or two interns to assist with the development of software tools and systems to allow the integration of a number of different stand-alone Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Interactive Immersive Media systems that have been installed in the Creative Computing Studio within the School of Art, Architecture and Design. This will involve assisting with the development of protocols and interfaces between devices and software systems such as the Microsoft Hololens and Kinect, Optitrack motion capture systemOculus Rift and the Hyve 3D simulation space, working with software environments such as Unity 3D and Processing JS. These systems will be employed for interactive architectural visualisation, virtual reality application development and ergonomic simulation. The interns will be supervised by Professor Ning Gu (Architecture), Professor Simon Biggs (Digital Art) and Dr. Sean Pickersgill for the eight week period of the project.

Contact person: Professor Simon Biggs


School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy

Project Title

Project Description

Simulated Shiftwork Study Centre for Sleep Research

Project summary: There are currently more than 1.5 million shift workers in Australia and this number is on the rise. Shift workers are at risk for poor health outcomes and because they work at night, a time when their alertness levels are low, they are also at risk for workplace accidents and errors. This summer we will be conducting a NHMRC funded, laboratory based, simulated shiftwork study to examine the role of diet and sleep on cognitive performance and health

Contact person: Dr Siobhan Banks 

Electroencephalographic, eye-tracking and behavioural studies of cognition. Cognitive Ageing and Impairment Neuroscience (CAIN) lab

Project summary: In the CAIN lab ( we study how and why cognition changes over age, alongside fundamental brain mechanisms underlying cognitive function. We look forward to welcoming Vacation Scholars to work across multiple electroencephalographic (EEG), eye-tracking and behavioural (primarily cognitive function) studies. Given the limited time frame of the Vacation Scholarship, Scholars will mainly focus on processing and analysing data previously collected, with the aim of submitting a manuscript for publication.

Contact person: Dr Hannah Keage


Organise your own project

Name and contact


Areas of interest

Dr Hannah Keage

Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy

Cognition, Neuropsychology, Neuroscience, Brain, Ageing, Dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Risk (see for more information about our lab)


Dr Tobias Loetscher

Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy

Cognition, Rehabilitation, Neuropsychology, Numerical processing, Laterality, Eye Tracking (see for more information about our lab)


Dr Siobhan Banks

Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy

Sleep deprivation, shiftwork, caffeine, diet, cognitive performance.





Tobias Loetscher

Areas of study and research

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