Research Funding

The Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences is committed to research and research education, and has extensive national and international research links. It has a strong record in winning national competitive grants and in working collaboratively with employers, professional groups and industry partners. The Division's Research Office provides a range of support to assist you with developing funding strategies, preparing funding applications, working with industry partners and end users, etc. For more information please contact us.

  • Research Funding Coversheet

    Research Funding Coversheet

    The funding coversheet is to be completed for each competitive external application led by an EASS academic.

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  • ARC & NHMRC support

    Internal Funding

    ARC & NHMRC support

    For more information on the University's Internal Funding and Development Programs, please click below.

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  •   ARC & NHMRC

    Research & Innovation Services

    For more information about steps involved and key dates regarding ARC and NHMRC funding applications please click below. 

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  • Other External Funding

    Internal Funding

    Search for other external funding opportunities through Research Professional, an online platform.

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  • Research & Innovation Services

    Other External Funding

    Research & Innovation Services supports the research community within UniSA to achieve and exceed UniSA's research targets.

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  • Resources


    Explore reseach support resources such as monthly research tips, previous presentations, Research CV tips, etc.

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Areas of study and research

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