Research Concentrations

Research Concentrations

UniSA supports a number of research concentrations – utilising an interdisciplinary approach to work with valued partners as they deliver responsive, clever and enterprising outcomes. 

The Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences has recently approved a new Research Concentration Strategy - the policy document is available here.

Have a closer look below at some of our Research Concentrations. 

Australian Centre for Child Protection

The Australian Centre for Child Protection is an award-winning, national Centre conducting research that supports the development of policy and practice solutions to make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable children and their families. Supported over the past decade by a National Advisory Council of seven eminent Australians, the Centre is committed to strengthening the evidence that informs the design and delivery of services to children, young people and their families.

Asia Pacific Centre for Work Health and Safety

The Asia Pacific Centre for Work Health and Safety is committed to a research agenda that provides evidence about the importance of balance between workplace productivity and psychological health and safety. We generate and apply new knowledge to make work environments throughout the Asia Pacific more accessible, healthier, safer and more productive.

Behaviour-Brain-Body Research Centre

The Behaviour-Brain-Body Research Centre focuses on understanding and improving the human condition through learning about sleep, circadian rhythms and cognition. Supported by local, national and international collaborations, the research in the Centre can be placed under the following themes: 1. Consequences of insufficient sleep across the lifespan; 2. Interaction of work and sleep scheduling; 3. Countermeasures for inadequate sleep and circadian phase desynchrony; 4. Role of sleep and associated physiology in cognitive function.

Centre for Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience

The Centre for Cognitive and Systems Neurosciene's mission is to understand the neurobiological basis of human cognition across the lifespan.

Centre for Islamic Thought and Education 

The Centre of Islamic Thought and Education aims to serve as a global knowledge hub for community empowerment through research, education and engagement. Our vision is a revival in Islamic thought and scholarship that facilitates interconnectedness and empowerment for local, regional and global communities. The centre brings together academics specialising in Islamic civilisation, psychology, ethics, leadership, management, sociology, finance and education.

Centre for Research in Education

The Centre for Research in Education was established to bring all of our research activity into one space to provide focus, scale, and coherence for our students, staff, and other stakeholders. Researchers in the Centre for Research in Education advocate for a contexualised understandings of ‘education’ across the life-span including child-care, schools, training institutions, universities and sites of informal learning. ‘Education’ is essential for nation building, social cohesion, social justice, sustainability, identity formation, and economic development.

Centre for Social Change

The Centre for Social Change is a multidisciplinary research centre drawing on critical and creative methodologies in relation to research, policy, and practice. Its key aims are to critically examine social issues and processes of social change working in collaboration with communities to transform social inequalities and work towards socially just societies. The Centre has four research theme: Human Rights and Social Justice; Gender and Society; Empowering and Critical Approaches to Research, Policy and Practices and Social and     Environmental Health.

Hawke Research Institute

The Hawke Research Institute, with approximately 120 members, is Australia's largest social science and humanities institute. With its mission to help create sustainable and just societies, the HRI produces world class research and innovation, and generates research outputs of high quality leading to innovation, change and demonstrable improvements in the world.

International Centre for Muslim and non Muslim Understanding

The International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding seeks to understand the root causes of the differences between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities and to pioneer ways of bridging the divide that these differences seem to produce. The centre promotes critical scholarship and research that helps to improve understanding and relations between Muslims and non-Muslims. It is socially engaged and contributes to both academic and public debates.


Matchstudio is an interdisciplinary research and professional practice studio that supports students' transition from university to work through the participation in client/user focused project activity. Matchstudio collaborates with researchers, all levels of government, and not-for-profit organisations to develop and deliver projects that are designed to make a difference.

Research Centre for Languages and Cultures 

The Research Centre for Languages and Cultures explores the intercultural exchange of meaning in our diverse, internationalised and interconnected world. Our researchers bring together expertise in linguistics, languages and learning at all levels and, more broadly, languages and cultures in a range of professional contexts including education, health and aged care.

Centre for Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience

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