Research Funding

Sourcing funds for your research is integral to and an ongoing part of conducting and furthering your research strategy and career.

There are various research and funding opportunities which are available.  See below for more information or, to find out how these opportunities may apply to you and benefit your research interest contact the School Research Office or alternatively Div EASS Research Office.

Research Schemes

  • External Funding

    Research Grants

    Information on:

    ARC Grant Schemes
    NHMRC Schemes
    Category 1 - other
    International Funding


  • UniSA Research Support Schemes

    UniSA Internal Funding

    Information on UniSA Research Support Schemes


  • Div EASS Research Support Schemes

    Div EASS Research Support Schemes

    Information on Div EASS Research Support Schemes


  • Search for funding

    Search for funding

    Research Professional is an online platform that increases awareness of and provides access to directly relevant funding opportunities from both Australian and International sponsors

    Research Professional