Empowering and Critical Approaches for Research, Policy and Practices

Our research uses critical approaches to transform research policy, professional and educational practices . CSC researchers explore social issues using a range of creative and technological innovations to develop more inclusive teaching and service delivery practices and enhance research, policy and practice methodologies to empower communities of people. Recent projects include:

  • Contemporary feminisms in the social work profession and practice
  • Empowering, critical and creative research methodologies for social science including arts based research; participatory action research, memory work, poetry and diverse mapping and interviewing techniques
  • The role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in enhancing delivery of human services for remote and Indigenous communities
  • ICTs  and social work practice
  • Using ICTs  to deliver tertiary education to socially isolated students
  • Community Development methodologies
  • Teaching approaches to ‘Discerning Privileges’
  • Cultural diversity and cultural competence in Social Work education and practise

Areas of study and research

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