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In 2014, the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Cognitive Neuroscience) degree was launched. This is a unique opportunity to study a major (APA accredited) in psychology, along with a major in cognitive neuroscience; allowing students to not only learn about behaviour, but how the brain generates thought and action, and how our environment can alter brain structure and function. If you are interested in the course, more information can be found here.

Summer Scholarships

The CNL offers diverse opportunities for research vacation scholars to participate in our ongoing research projects over the summer. Potential research supervisors are Dr Phillip Alday, Prof. Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, Dr Mark Kohler, and Prof. Matthias Schlesewsky. Please contact us if you are interested in undertaking a resesearch vacation scholarshop with us and we will be happy to negotiate projects on an individual basis.

Scholarships can be obtained via the University, or the Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences


Laboratory investigators are happy to supervise internships for internal and external (including overseas) interns. Tasks and duties can be negotiated with each individual.

We are always looking for participants to take part in our studies.

These typically involve performing a task presented on a computer while your brain activity or eye movements are being measured, but may also be surveys that simply involve answering questions.

If you are interested in participating, please provide us with your contact details. You will then be invited to take part in upcoming studies. Invitations to participate will include details about the study (i.e. what you will be required to do, which methods will be used, how long the study will take etc.) as well as about the compensation that you will receive for your participation. They may also list criteria that need to be fulfilled for participation in the study (e.g. being a native speaker of a particular language) or that might exclude you from being eligible to participate.

By providing us with your details, you are simply agreeing to receive these invitations, but are under no obligation to take part in any studies. If you no longer wish to be contacted as a potential participant, you can let us know at any time. Your contact details will be stored on a secure, password protected server and will not be disclosed to third parties for any reason.

If you are interested in participating in our research, please sign up by clicking here then click 'request account' once your details have been added.

Prospective students, researchers and collaborative partners are encouraged to get in touch. We are always happy to discuss ways in which we can engage with you or your organisation.

Professor Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, Centre Director
Centre for Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience

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Facsimile: + 618 8302 4377
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