Field Supervisor Edge in Placement Award

The award will be made to a field supervisors who can demonstrate through their supervision of students, a field placement experience that has made a major contribution to the development of the student’s applied knowledge, practical skills and professionalism. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • preparing the agency for the incoming student;
  • preparing induction and orientation for the student;
  • adjusting the placement opportunities to accommodate the student’s skills and comfort level;
  • supporting the student throughout the placement and helping them acclimatise to the agency;
  • is faithful in weekly scheduled supervisory time and protects time to meet with the student;
  • makes time available for informal consultations with the student;
  • customizes the learning opportunities to satisfy the student’s interests in addition to what the agency needs;
  • demonstrates courage and honesty in giving feedback on the student’s performance;
  • has been an outstanding mentor; and
  • has demonstrated skills in teaching students.  






Areas of study and research

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