Communicating Risk

Risk assessment has become a central concern for governments, organisations and the professions – with the communication of risk being a crucial part of professional work.

Communicating Risk, edited by UniSA senior lecturer in applied linguistics, Dr Jonathan Crichton, in conjunction with Christopher N. Candlin and Arthur S. Firkins, examines how people across diverse professional domains routinely communicate risk in ways that affect human lives.

“If the risks involved in risk communication are to be reduced, we need to understand both its macro and micro dimensions,” Dr Crichton says.

“Risk is not only about identifying hazards; it is also categorised, regulated, and interpreted according to social and cultural interests.

“And of course, risk is communicated among people according to their particular linguistic resources, expertise and circumstances.”

Drawing on invited contributions that address issues of central concern in healthcare, law, social work, finance, environmental management and biosecurity, Communicating Risk showcases the value of interdisciplinary dialogue among professionals, participants and researchers.

The book is available to purchase online.

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