New Students

Welcome and congratulations on commencing your studies at the University of South Australia!

Any student who has a disability, mental health or medical condition which impacts on their study is eligible for services.



Registration & Appointments

Advice for getting started:

  • You are encouraged to register for services as soon as possible once you have accepted your offer. 
  • Investigate the requirements of your Program including any practical components of your chosen course/s. Use the Search on the UniSA homepage to find information about your Program and Courses.  Once you have enrolled you will be able to find details about each course you are enrolled in by reading the Course Outline/s found in your Course site/s.
  • Visit your campus to check out the facilities, transport options and physical access.
  • Investigate the estimated face to face contact and study hours required of each course so that you can consider an appropriate study load for your first study period.  Bear in mind that the first study period can be the hardest as you settle into university.  Many students find it helps taking a smaller study load to begin with. 
  • Explore this Disability Hub website.  You will find lots of useful information in the 'Current Students' tab on the left hand side of the screen. 
  • Make sure you attend orientation activities and have a good look around the New Student website.

If you wish to discuss these services you can book an appointment here to consult with a Disability Adviser. You will need your student ID to make an appointment online. If you prefer you can also make a booking by calling Campus Central 1300 301 703 or simply drop in to your nearest Campus Central. Appointments can be face to face or by phone.

Areas of study and research

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