Supporting documentation

To access Disability Services students need to provide current supporting documentation from their doctor or treating health practitioner.  A specialised report is required for Spectrum Disorders (see details below).  For other conditions or disabilites it is preferred that the documentation is provided using the Treating Practitioner Form on the Disability Service Registration page.

A  treating practitioner can include a doctor, as well as a psychologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dentist or other registered allied health professional. The documentation will be used to verify disability and provide the Disability Adviser with relevant and useful information in assessing appropriate study adjustments or accommodations.

Primary carers of a person with disabilities who have daily care needs can register by providing evidence of their carer role.

Spectrum Disorders

Spectrum disorders are diagnosed using specialist diagnostic assessment. Practitioners who specialise in the assessment of spectrum disorders include:

  • psychologists
  • speech pathologists
  • psychiatrists

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

A diagnostic clinical assessment report must be provided. The report should have been completed post age 11 (ie 12 yrs or older) and should provide a clear diagnosis.

Specific Learning Disability

A diagnostic clinical assessment report must be provided. Psychometric educational assessment should be undertaken by a qualified clinical psychologist or speech pathologist.

  • The report should have been completed post age 11. (ie 12 yrs or older)
  • The report should provide diagnosis of Specific Learning Disability.

Students with no formal diagnosis or older reports can be referred for assessment at the student's expense.

Areas of study and research

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