Registration & Appointments

To register for Disability Services at UniSA you need to develop an Access Plan with a Disability Adviser.  Please follow the steps below.

  1. Obtain supporting documentation from your Treating Practitioner using the Practitioner Form.  For further information about documentation required visit the Supporting Documentation webpage.  If you already have recent documentation regarding your disability or ongoing medical condition you can provide this.
  2. Email your Treating Practitioner form or other documentation to our confidential team inbox at or bring your documentation with you to an appointment with a Disability Adviser
  3. Book an appointment with a Disability Adviser using the online booking You will need your student ID to make an appointment online. If you prefer you can also make a booking by calling Campus Central on 1300 301 703 or simply drop in to your nearest Campus Central. Appointments can be face to face or by phone.
  4. Attend your phone or face to face appointment and develop an agreed Access Plan with a Disability Adviser.


 If you have any registration queries please contact Campus Central on 1300 301 703.

Please note: International students, please ensure you bring an English language copy of your documentation with you when you arrive onshore.

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