Research Data Management

17 November 2017


P7-27 Playford Building
City East Campus

Anthony Stevens is the Manager Academic Library Services at City East Campus working with the Division of Health Sciences. He leads the Library team that supports the teaching, learning and research needs of academic staff, researchers and students within the Division. Tristan Bibbo is the IT coordinator for the City East Campus, University of South Australia, Tristan manages the team that supports all the schools at the City East campus including staff and students.

Good data management is vital for successful research projects and helps to provide increased visibility for both the researcher and their projects. 

This seminar introduces the concepts and principles of good management of research data and outlines what support is available at UniSA. Open Access to research data is particularly important as more high profile publishers are requesting your data in order to publish with them – e.g. Nature, PLoS One.

Topics covered in this seminar include:

  • What to include in grant applications
  • Open Access to research data – how will this impact your ethics application, information sheets, consent forms etc.
  • Data Management Plans
  • Research Data Storage
  • UniSA Research Data Access Portal
  • Research services and tools

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