Richard Grayson and Steve Wigg

20 April – 01 June 2012

Triumph was a spectacular collaborative project by South Australian artists, Richard Grayson and Steve Wigg, commissioned by the University of South Australia Art Museum in 1996 – it was the first occasion that the artists had worked together.

Sixteen years later, the artists are reprising Triumph in a new site specific installation at the Samstag Museum. This four-metre high re-creation of the famed Napoleonic monument to war’s victories and its honoured dead, the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, will be built from 1.6 tonnes of wet, unfiltered terracotta clay over a wooden armature. During the period of exhibition, the clay shrinks as it dries and will fall from the armature.

Triumph is a celebration that drifts between an intentional monument, such as the Arc de Triomphe, and the unintentional monument, the site of memorable events which serve a commemorative function.

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