Bill Henson: early work from the MGA collection, with selected recent landscapes

14 October16 December 2011

Monash Gallery of Art (MGA) holds one of the largest collections of photographs by Bill Henson. With its concentration on work made between 1977 and 1992, the MGA collection represents a significant survey of Henson's early career, from which twenty-nine works have been selected for the Bill Henson: early work from the MGA collection exhibition.

Henson has been described as a 'passionate and visionary explorer', and has been exhibited extensively nationally and internationally for over three decades, yet this is the first exhibition dedicated to this major artist's work to be presented in Adelaide.

Passionate discussion about Henson's work in the Australian media in recent times, has served to illuminate an important debate about the nature of art. But while many of us may be familiar with Henson's images through reproduction, to view a museum exhibition of the artist's photographs offers a much deeper appreciation of his art, and is a rare opportunity for audiences to themselves experience his work first hand.

The Samstag Museum is presenting a selection of recent landscapes by Bill Henson in conjunction with the MGA collection exhibition. These dark and melancholic images, devoid of figures, are works of compelling power.

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